Pass-It-On LIVE: Full Day Pass

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Sorted Food, one of the world’s largest food YouTube channels, is bringing the chaos of Pass It On to you on a whole day of special LIVE shows.

Throughout 3 live shows, the boys will be challenged to serve up a starter, main course and dessert that contribute to a 3 course meal. The direction, theme and ingredients of each dish will all be guided by you whilst they cook. And of course, you get to judge if the dish is a PASS or FAIL!

Sorted Sidekick users are able to claim the discount on their tickets using the code sent to you in your Pass It On LIVE announcement email. If you didn’t receive the email, please head HERE and copy the Sidekick Discount code that will appear upon login! If you’re not a Sidekick user and would like to sign up for a FREE month’s trial, click HERE.


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