Help us make food awesome every day for our friends around the world

As one of the globe’s largest food and cooking communities, Sorted Food’s mission is to help people become heroes in the kitchen. Over the last 12 years, Sorted Food has worked with a select number of key brand partners to bring big content ideas to life, amplify community conversations, create unforgettable experiences and share learnings from a global food community.

Relationships that translate into real world experiences.

What started as a friendship over 20 years ago has become a global movement of millions, who love to be a part of Sorted Food’s adventures – from taking part in ongoing food conversations, contributing ideas for videos and exploring new destinations around the world, to suggesting recipes for our Sidekick app, helping us design Cookbooks and far more.

Trust. Honesty. Respect.

Sorted Food has been built around the values of friendship. Trust gives us permission to place brand propositions at the centre of the storyline and as long as we are honest with the community, both Sorted and the brand partner will mutually gain their respect.

Let us tell our story.

Sorted Food are also regularly asked to talk about our experiences as leaders of a global food community at industry events.

Recent engagements include:

YouTube Brandcast, Google Pulse, World Travel Market, Gulfood Innovation, YFood London Food Tech Week, Food People Conference, Virgin Start Ups etc.

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