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The journey to becoming an awesome home cook requires you to increase your knowledge and skills in all areas of planning, shopping and cooking.

After 12 years of conversations with a global community, we’ve realised that not only is everyone at a different stage on their journey, but we all have a different approach to thinking about food.

We’ve spent the last few months developing a new tool that helps our community better understand their personal approach to food and can therefore provide a base to build from.

Aiva here, loved this test, it really opened my eyes to how and why I cook. Cooking for three everyday whilst training to up the protein and be environmentally friendly is tricky… gonna see what journey I can go on to develop! Thank you for creating this 🙌
Right. ‘Fess up. Do you have a camera in my kitchen? I’m a Lenny and everything is so spot on, my neck now hurts from nodding in agreement to Every. Single. Statement.
I am Leon😎 and your description absolutely aced me - even the wife agreed!
Love the test, so thorough! I’ll def be doing my monthly challenges 🍄🍄🍄

The Test

Designed as a fun questionnaire, much like the Meyer-Briggs Personalities or Love Languages test, Food ID helps you to identify what your current approach to food is and highlights areas that might help you along the journey to becoming an awesome home cook.

The Results

Where it gets really smart is when you combine your own results with those of someone you live with - a friend/family member/partner - and can therefore understand how to work better together and help each other become awesome home cooks too.

The Challenges

As with all of these experiments, there are no right or wrong answers to any of the questions - the idea is to help you understand more about your current approach.

However, if you’d like to adjust your approach, Food ID also offers monthly challenges to help move the needle in a direction that you would like to move towards.