The story of a bunch of mates learning to cook

Connecting people through the AWESOMENESS of food

Be honest - how many times have you got home in the evening and thought “I just can’t be bothered to cook tonight”? We get it - cooking in the evening can be a real pain, especially when there’s so many options out there that claim to fix the problem. 

But look a little closer and you notice that these options are usually expensive, unhealthy, and not great for our planet. The truth is that these ‘solutions’ offer nothing more than a ‘paracetamol’ to the headache, they’re not solving the real problem.

We want to change that by helping people become awesome home cooks. That means teaching people a better way to plan, shop and cook. 

The four of us - school pals from just outside London - started Sorted Food back in 2010 and since then, you might say it’s mushroomed (no pun intended). In fact, it’s turned into the world’s leading online food community - through our YouTube channel, social media platforms and our all-in-one kitchen companion app, Sidekick.

These days, it’s not just about us messing around with gadgets, staging epic cooking battles or competing with each other for laughs. It’s about a community of people (15 million every month) who love to eat, laugh and learn the odd thing about cooking. It’s about connecting people through the awesomeness of food.

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