Talking Food

Our aim is simply to provide you with all the tools needed to get you cooking... and that generally involves a lot of talking, and a lot of food!

If you want to be inspired and entertained around food, head to our YouTube channel to join us four times a week for FridgeCam - snack size videos crammed full of new recipe ideas, insights into what's hot in the food world and (on a good day) plenty of laughs. 4pm (UK) every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Want to learn some new cooking skills? We've teamed up with Workshop to make a range of top quality cooking courses that let you learn new skills from the world's best chefs and mentors from your phone or tablet. Download the app now on iOS or Android to get cooking!

Or if you want to find 1,000's of top notch step-by-step recipes and even - get stuck in here on - and if you can't find what you're looking for, let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

Our Story

SORTEDfood is a global movement of friends who share a passion for food, cooking and laughter. Started in 2009 in Hertfordshire, England, SORTEDfood came to life when a group of old school friends would meet in the pub and share ‘scandalous’ stories of their university life. Despite their laddish alter egos, the most shocking stories were often based around what they were eating - microwave meals, takeaways and general rubbish.

They started to share basic cooking skills and recipe ideas with each other on the back of beer mats in the pub. Following some successful meals and much improved diets, they set about sharing their new-found skills with their wider group of friends and other people in similar situations. And so, SORTEDfood was born.

Fast forward 8 years and there’s now over 2 million people around the world joining in this mega cooking conversation, sharing new recipe ideas and having a laugh together around food. But more importantly than that are the thousands of comments, pictures, emails and stories people send in every week highlighting the difference that cooking has had on their lives. Each person's story adds more fuel to the burning passion inside the SORTEDfood team to push the agenda around food education and to inspire even more people to get cooking.

From our studio in London, and rental winnebagos in the US, Europe and beyond, SORTEDfood is a small highly motivated team with our eyes firmly set on world cooking domination and providing all the practical tips, skills and great recipes needed to inspire you to cook.

The Team