Speedy Mackerel Tacos
Speedy Mackerel Tacos
Speedy Mackerel Tacos
Well these cheeky tacos are the ideal midweek meal. Sooo quick to knock up and cheap as chips to make. A great dish for the whole family to enjoy if you get everyone constructing 'em at the table. And remember, It's the pineapple and the lime which bring all the flavour to the table here, so don't hold back!
2 tbsp sour cream
50 ml double cream
1 lime
¼ pineapple
1 red chilli
½ bunch coriander
¼ white cabbage
2 fillets mackerel
4 corn tortillas
  1. Tip the sour cream and double cream into a bowl. Squeeze in the juice from half the lime, season with salt and mix to a smooth sauce. Add a little water until it’s a thick sauce that can be drizzled.
  2. Peel the pineapple and roughly chunk. Add it into the bowl of a Compact Food Processor with the Knife Blade attachment. Add the chilli and coriander and pulse to chop everything. Replace the blade with the Thin Slicing Disc attachment and push through the cabbage to slice. Combine it all to make a slaw.
  3. Use a blowtorch to sear the skin and flesh of the mackerel. (This can also be done under a very hot grill on a grill tray.) Put a frying pan over a high heat and heat the tortillas one at a time, 30 seconds each time.
  4. Assemble the tacos by layering up the fish and salsa. Drizzle over the crema and serve. Makes 4 tacos