Rob from the US


How Meal Packs Has Transformed Rob’s Confidence in the Kitchen

Every member of the Meal Packs community is important, and every member is different. We’re talking to loads of you around the world – and from Sydney to Surrey, you’ve all told us something different about how the app helps you! 

This week we continued our journey with 31-year-old Rob from the US. Catch him here telling us about how Meal Packs helps him simplify his meal planning and gives him the confidence to try exciting new dishes.

Rob (31) and his girlfriend

Getting ready to cook with Meal Packs

Meet Rob!

Chicago-born Rob is currently living in vibrant Virginia Beach with his girlfriend and their dog Winston. He’s a food lover through and through, telling us that for him, ‘food is an expression of who we are. Food allows us to share a part of ourselves with our friends and loved ones.’ Obviously, we couldn’t agree more!

Rob has been regularly using the Meal Packs app for a good while now and has found it to be a perfect fit with the rest of his food lifestyle.

Heading to the shops with Winston

Making gluten free substitutions

A day in the life of Rob

Meal Packs has slotted seamlessly into Rob’s routine, a routine that is constantly evolving and improving: ‘I look at my food habits as always trying to get better. Trying to eat better to perform better. Trying to cook better food. Trying to be better at not wasting food. Being better at budgeting for food.’

He has been working from home since the pandemic, followed by a gym session and then making dinner in the evening. With his partner working as a teacher, Rob is often the one who does the cooking, though he also has to factor in her dietary requirements – she is celiac and allergic to soy. He is quick to note that the app has made a difference to the both of them!

‘The Meal Packs have done wonders for our meals and cooking. Before I moved in, most of my girlfriend’s meals were basic rice, protein and vegetables. Sometimes pastas were mixed in as well. The Meal Packs have allowed us to try more foods and cuisines from around the world that fit our needs.’

And the flexibility of the app means it isn’t too difficult to add his own modifications to suit his girlfriend’s diet. His top substitutes include gluten-free noodles or rice, soy-free soy sauce for Asian-style dishes and sunflower butter instead of peanut butter. 

Getting started…

A Meal Pack for every occasion…

Rob is open to most things when it comes to choosing a Meal Pack. He picks his Meal Pack according to his mood, with plenty of options for both when he’s feeling adventurous and for when he’s being a little more lazy. He sees the app as a source of inspiration, giving him the confidence to experiment and try new styles of food. But he always enjoys a fuss-free cook, and can often be found browsing the ‘<25 ingredients’ tag on the app. 

This time he’s gone for a brand new addition to the Meal Packs library – it’s ‘Quick Fix’! Our Food Team came up with this super speedy set of meals that all take less than 30 minutes to cook. 

Rob’s favourites? He loved the Crispy Prawn Tacos and the Gnocchi + Rocket Cacio e Pepe: ‘Both were super easy and quick and give way to easy substitutions of different proteins or different ingredients to add twists when needed.’ 

A fuss-free gnocchi

Crispy Prawn Tacos with Corn Salad

Gnocchi + Rocket Cacio e Pepe

And it doesn’t end there…

 The flexibility of the app is a key asset for Rob. We love to remind our community that while we release new Meal Packs every week, members always have a library of delicious dishes to fall back on. The Meal Packs recipes are a great starting point for cooking – just ask Rob.

 ‘Meal Packs has helped me in a variety of ways. The biggest includes cooking a variety of cuisines from around the world and building up a framework for easy/staple dishes to cook whenever we just don’t feel like cooking anything too involved.’

Amen to that.


Like the look of Rob’s meals? ‘Quick Fix’ is available now on the app!

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