Arabella from Sydney cooking Nourish Yourself


How Meal Packs Helps Arabella Plan and  Cook Healthy Meals Every Week

It’s been a while since we talked to Barry and our Comms Exec, Polly, about how they use Meal Packs. This time we spoke to another member of our growing community about how the app helps her plan and cook easy, delicious meals at home. 

Meet Arabella! We had a good chat with her across oceans via the powers of Zoom to find out how Meal Packs works with her lifestyle.

Arabella (30) at the beach

In the kitchen

Meet Arabella…

Arabella is in her early 30s and currently lives with her family in northwest Sydney, Australia, while saving to buy her first home. She first started using Meal Packs in early 2021 and found it a great source of support through the pandemic, giving more purpose and structure to her days.

Cooking has always been a passion for Arabella, and she loves entertaining with friends: ‘I love to have my friends over, go all out with the table decor and feed them. I want them to feel extra special and loved.

Meeting up with friends…

Setting up the table decor…

And enjoying meals out!

A day in the life of Arabella

Arabella has a busy schedule, working full time as an Early Childhood Teacher while also studying for her Masters in Education (Special Needs). She does shift work and her hours are often subject to change. This makes Meal Packs indispensable!

‘I need to be organised with my meals because after work I am quite exhausted and the last thing on my mind is researching a recipe and finding all the ingredients.’

With meals and shopping lists planned out ahead of time, Meal Packs is the perfect tool for getting prepared and staying on top of things.

For Arabella, it’s all about balancing work, study and socialising. Outside of work, she loves to spend time with friends and be outdoors, especially at the beach! Using Meal Packs helps her plan meals while also having the flexibility to eat out when she fancies it:

‘I like to choose 3 Meal Packs and use the second portion as my lunch for the next day at work. Having 3 meals per week allows me to be flexible to go out with friends for brunch at various outdoor café nurseries or dinner at our local restaurants. I love that the meals are usually all cooked in under 30 mins, including the washing up.

Arabella’s busy schedule includes working full time as a teacher

Saving money, reducing food waste and enjoying weeknight cooking…

Arabella says the Meal Packs app has given her more confidence to cook at home during the week, all while saving money and ensuring that ingredients are used up rather than going to waste. Since using Meal Packs, she has noticed a big difference in her budget as it stops her overbuying on groceries.

She especially likes the flexibility and convenience of the app compared to food recipe boxes she’s tried. She enjoys being able to choose which ingredients she buys, meaning she has complete control over what she spends on her food shop. 

‘Once I have chosen my Pack, I will usually go to my local Woolies [Woolworths, an Australian supermarket] early Sunday morning when the shelves have just been stocked and there are less people. I love being able to access the Meal Packs shopping list on my iPhone. Most ingredients are available and if not, I just substitute it with what I can find. My [grocery shop] for 3 Meal Packs is very rarely over $30 AUD [£15.85]!’

Buying fresh produce at Woolies

A bargain grocery shop!

Starting her Meal Pack

Veggie dishes in a flash

When it comes to choosing her Meal Pack every Friday, Arabella often goes for the Veggie option as she is trying to incorporate more vegetables into her lifestyle. The main priority is speed, making the <30 minute tag a personal favourite.

This week she’s cooking one of our brand new Meals Packs, ‘Nourish Yourself,’ which is now live on the app. She was keen to try it as these dishes are really refreshing and light, making them perfect for summertime in Australia! And she was full of praise for our team…

‘I must say the SORTEDfood Team is incredible – thinking of various vegetarian recipes full of flavour and that use numerous vegetables as well as tofu, lentils and beans. I have never had a meal that was disappointing or bland.’

Roast Asparagus with Pea + Courgette Salad

Thai Green Tofu Lettuce Cups

Green Lentil Goulash-Style Soup

Recommending Meal Packs

According to Arabella, Meal Packs has made life simpler by saving her money, time, reducing her food waste and leaving her safe in the knowledge that 3 recipes are already planned out for the week. 

I am so incredibly thankful for SORTEDfood’s Meal Packs app. During the last year, the meals have assisted me to become more confident with cooking and allows flexibility with my current lifestyle.’


How will Meal Packs help you?

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