Improving your TEAM'S  
relationship with food

Powered by Sorted Food, the world's largest organically grown community of foodie friends, looking after each other at work, at home and at play.


Why it works

Members of your team will gain access to Sorted Sidekick for a smarter way to plan, shop and cook. Enabling your team to become the hero of their kitchen and nail a work-life balance.


Forward-thinking with smart food planning that helps consciously build routines and healthy living.

Inspiring meals ready to cook as you walk in the door. Just 30 minutes, and it's on the table with no fuss and a clean kitchen.

Zero waste recipes that will help you save money and responsibly make a difference.

Family focused with less time thinking and more time being. A daily highlight for family and friends.

Dedicated Employee cooking support (Optional Bespoke Add On)

Hosted Virtual Cooking sessions (Optional Bespoke Add On)


Build connections around cooking - sharing experiences and ideas. 

'Invested' in by the company - support for your healthy, mindful living with no waste. 

More motivated, present and productive team when minds and bodies are better fuelled

A monthly programme of challenges - shared development success.

Hosted Physical Cooking Workshops together (Optional Bespoke Add On)

Food Pooling Resource* - buying & sourcing local ingredients - to be delivered to the office. (Optional Bespoke Add On)

Program Overview

Sidekick Access

Give your workforce full access to our extensive content library on Android and iOS.

Engagement Resources

Sorted Food will provide easy-to-use marketing assets to promote Sidekick and drive ongoing engagement.

Curated Content

Easily navigate our growing library of recipe packs within the Sidekick app that have been created with employees in mind.

Digital Events

Gain exclusive access to digital events with experts from the Sorted Food team to learn more about smart planning, shopping and cooking to achieve zero waste and live a happier life.

Account Management

A dedicated account manager is available to support you and your team with the use of their Sidekick.


Employee engagement reporting helps you understand usage patterns across your team.

Team Plans

Request a demo to see how Sorted Food for Teams can improve your employee's relationship with food.