Recipe: Megaburgerpizza


We covered the next hybrid food crazes, now we're making them! Sorted presents... the MEGABURGERPIZZA! We were a bit nervous about this one...even with a bit of lettuce thrown in, it's not the healthiest beast! In fact, we were pleasantly surprised; it tastes amazing. Definitely a special treat, but a worthwhile one!


make the pizzas

Step 1

Make The Pizzas

first off, grab a great pizza recipe. Double it to make yourself two big pizzas!

make the burger

Step 2

Make The Burger

next, grab a kilo mince (yes....1 kilo / 2.2lb). Mix it with a good amount of salt and pepper, then shape it into a saucepan that's a little bigger than your pizza's. cook the underside of the burger on the hob, then stick it under the grill to finish it off.

put it together!

Step 3

Put It Together!

let everything cool a little, then slide the burger onto one of the pizzas. top the burger with any garnishes you might want (we used gherkins and rocket). flip the second pizza onto the top of the burger and give it a good press down. slice and enjoy with lots of friends!

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