Recipe: Maple Champagne Julep


This is one for all the Dads out there. 4 simple ingredients, fizz, whiskey, mint and maple syrup- they'll never say no to a glass of champagne if they know there's whiskey involved! Phwoar, what a tease. Take a look at our other champers cocktails for more celebratory ideas.


  • 120 ml maple syrup
  • 1 bunch mint
  • 200 ml bourbon whiskey
  • 400 ml champagne
Get Stirring!

Step 1

Get Stirring!

Divide the maple syrup between 4 lowball glasses. Add a few mint leaves to each glass and crush gently. Half fill the glasses with crushed ice and divide the bourbon between the 4. Stir for a few minutes to dissolve the sugar.


Step 2


Add a few more mint leaves before filling the glass with more ice and topping up with champagne. Garnish with extra mint leaves. Serves 4

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