Recipe: Chocolate Slabs


Making chocolates the professional way does take a little more time and care. If you just melt chocolate and let it set again then the re-crystalizasation of the cocoa butter means that it will be dull, can 'bloom' (get white dots), have a grainy texture and never quite go hard enough to give that satisfying chocolate snap. What you need to do is temper your chocolate... and here's how...


heat the chocolate

Step 1

Heat The Chocolate

crack the chocolate into small pieces and place into a bowl over a pan of very gently simmering water... do not let the water touch the bottom of the bowl. heat gently and stir the chocolate until it melts to an even temperature of between 45-48ºC.


Step 2


remove from the heat and dry the bottom of the bowl... it's VERY important not to let a single water droplet mix with the chocolate. pour 2/3 of the chocolate onto a cold, clean surface and move it around to cool it to a temperature of 26ºC.

add hot chocolate

Step 3

Add Hot Chocolate

transfer the cooled chocolate to a clean bowl. add enough of the remaining 1/3 of hot chocolate into the cooled chocolate to raise it's temperature to 29ºC if you're using white chocolate, 30ºC for milk chocolate and 32ºC for dark chocolate.


Step 4


hold it at this exact temperature or use immediately. set at room temperature... it shouldn't need a fridge.

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