Recipe: 5 Secrets To Better Cake Decorating


When it comes to baking you'll need to follow recipes rather than attempt to make stuff up as you go along. But even then, these handy tips from Edd (aka TheBoyWhoBakes) help make the end result look as awesome as it tastes. Go grab the buttercream recipe from his profile!


  • 5 top cake decorating secrets!
Secret 1

Step 1

Secret 1

Standard buttercream is okay... But meringue buttercream is better. It's softer, less grainy, not quite so sweet and you can use any sugar. Edd used brown sugar to give his icing a slightly caramelised look.

Secret 2

Step 2

Secret 2

Apply the butter cream or frosting with an ice cream scoop. That way you'll be able to easily measure out how muck to put in each layer. The cross-section of the cake will great when you cut into it.

secret 3

Step 3

Secret 3

Use a cake turntable and offset spatula. This way you'll be able to get all around the cake much easier when decorating and you'll have an easier angle to get it smooth without covering your knuckles in icing.

secret 4

Step 4

Secret 4

Crumb coat your cake. This initial, very thin layer of meringue buttercream will lock in any crumbs. Chill that, then once you apply the proper coat it'll have a clean finish without any stray crumbs.

secret 5

Step 5

Secret 5

A swirl finish is surprisingly easy if you have a turntable, yet it looks pretty professional. Give it a go for a touch of elegance at the end of your cake decorating. What other top cake decorating tips do you have? Let us know in the comments!

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