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by meinina

This is a very popular sweet treat in Indonesia. Every one loves Martabak Manis, a very thick "pancake" with the traditional filling are chocolate sprinkle, crush peanut, sesame seed, condense milk combine in one or cheese and condense milk. Cheese with condense milk? Really? Yeah!! Sooo good!! This recipe a little bit tricky because it should have a tiny hollow. If you don't have the Martabak Manis Pan, than you also can use a very thick pan, so the martabak manis wont burn before it's done.




Mix egg, and 25gr sugar (we use the remaining sugar for later) until well combine, than add the 350ml water, mix it well, than add the flour and salt. Whisk it until well combine with no lumps and let it set a side for about 1 - 2 hour.

Prepare your filling. You can use as in the recipe or you can just adjust with your taste like using Nutella, Toblerone, Cadbury, cream cheese and Oreo. It is all about your taste. While you preheat your pan Take the bater, mix the bicarbonate soda with 1tsp water, than add in to the bater, mix them until well combine. Make sure your pan is hot enough and on low heat, pour half of the bater (or depends on your pan size), and spread the bater to the edge of the pan to make the crust. Than leave it until the bubble came out into the surface

When it is a half way done, take some sugar and sprinkle it on top of the martabak manis evenly. Put the lead and wait until it is done. Crispy and golden brown on the out side, but moist in the inside.

When it is still hot, spread the 2tbs of butter all over the martabak manis. Than cut them into half.


Filling the martabak manis, if you wanna try the traditional one, than you can sprinkle the chocolate sprinkle, on top of it add the crush peanut, sesame seed and the last condense milk. Put the filling on the both side. Than flip one side to the other. Than cut it.

Don't forget to try the Cheese and condense milk filling for the remaining bater. This filling is the most popular in Indonesia. Actually we usually add cheese in to the traditional filling. All in one!! So good!! If you still can't get this recipe, you can google it, youtube it or just cek the #martabakmanis on instagram. Enjoy