Recipe: 9 Fun Fondant Facts


Our friend Elise from MyCupcakeAddiction came all the way from Australia to give us some fantastic tips for how to work with fondant.


  • 1 Awesome Australian Cupcake Addict
  • 1 chunk of Fondant icing
9 Top Tips:

Step 1

9 Top Tips:

1) Knead it - to make it more pliable. A minute or so is good. 2) Keep it covered - to stop it drying out and cracking. Simply cover in cling film when not using it. 3) Colouring - best to use a powder paste or gel… avoid the liquid colourings as they make it too wet. 4) Don’t fridge it - to store fondant wrap it up, then zip it up in a zip lock bag and keep at room temperature. The fridge doesn’t work as it absorbs condensation and gets too wet. 5) DIY dust bag - some muslin cloth or a clean dry dishcloth hakes a perfect bag to lightly dust icing sugar and cornflour over a surface before rolling out your fondant. 6) Under the fondant - you’ll need something to stick. Buttercream or jam works nicely. 7) Thick or Thin - aim to roll the fondant to the thickness of two credit cards. 8) Shapes - Start with the basic shapes and from there you can make all sorts. They are: sphere, cone, sausage and cube. 9) Glue - A dab of cold water is all it takes to stick most shapes to your cakes. If you need something stronger then white chocolate works perfectly.

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