Recipe: Burger Cupcakes


Following two requests from Mitchell Davis we thought we'd have a go at combining both. Barry couldn't manage it alone, so with the rest of the team away James stepped up to the plate and delivered this beauty!


  • 1 cupcake recipe
  • 1 chocolate salami recipe
  • 1 bar White chocolate
  • 2 sheets coloured fondant (red and green)
  • 2-3 packs chewy sweets (yellow, pink, white)
  • 2 piping bags buttercream (coloured red and yellow)
  • 1 handful sesame and poppy seeds
  • 1 tbsp apple sauce

Step 1

Make The 'burger'

Make our 'Chocolate salami' fridgecam recipe. Let it set for a few hours, then slice and cut into a small ring. Dust the salami in cocoa powder to make it look extra burgery!

Step 2

Make The 'bun'

Make the cupcakes from our 'Spiced Apple and Cinnamon Cupcakes' recipe. (We replaced the spices with vanilla). Let them cool, then slice in half across the middle.

Step 3

Make The 'mayo'

Just melt some white chocolate in the microwave, 10 seconds at a time until completely melted.

Step 4

Make Lettuce & Tomato

Cut out two sheets of red and green fondant. Crinkle the green fondant around the edges so that it looks like lettuce.

Step 5

Make The Cheese

Melt 3 yellow chewy fruit sweets in the microwave for 5-10 seconds, until slightly softer. Roll into a ball, then roll out into a thin square. Do the same with pink and white sweets, and roll into long thin strips that look like bacon, or circles and rings that look like onions!

Step 6

Make The Sauces

Make basic buttercream by mixing double the amount of icing sugar to softened butter. Mix in yellow food colouring to make 'mustard' and mix in red food colouring, plus a little jam to make 'ketchup'.

Step 7


Spread the 'mayo' onto the 'bun'. Stack up the 'lettuce', 'tomato', 'burger' and 'cheese' followed by 'bacon', 'onion' and sauces. Top with the other half of the 'bun' and brush with apricot jam or apple sauce mixed with a little water. Sprinkle over sesame and poppy seeds. Serve!!

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