Recipe: Campfire S'more Cones


Everyone knows when you have an open fire you have to cook s'mores or at the very least marshmallows on sticks. These little treat take it up a gear... and make them super easy to cook/melt. You can even do them before leaving home if you like!


  • 1 small, firm banana
  • 1 handful dark choc chips
  • 4 strawberries
  • 1 handful white choc chips
  • 6 waffle ice cream cones
  • 1 handful mini marshmallows
prep the fruit

Step 1

Prep The Fruit

Peel and chop the banana up really small... but try not to mash. Hull and dice the strawberries.

fill your cones

Step 2

Fill Your Cones

Fill your cones up with whatever selection of ingredients you like, in whatever order you like, aiming for marshmallows to appear at the top, middle and bottom.

roll in foil & repeat!

Step 3

Roll In Foil & Repeat!

Roll the cone up in tin foil to seal it in. Repeat with several cones.

cook 'em!

Step 4

Cook 'em!

Lay the cones in the hot embers of rate fire for a few minutes to melt the inside. Tuck in, but be careful as they can be very hot!

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