Community Recipe: Iced Coffee


This Community Recipe was uploaded by the user holly.

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I'm sure there are more extravagant ways of doing this, but I fancied an iced coffee so made one the easiest and fastest way I could think of!


  • coffee syrup
  • milk
  • boiling water
  • cold water
  • 1 tsp coffee

Step 1

Boil Water

Put the teaspoon (or however much you want, according to how strong you would like it) of coffee in a mug and add a small amount of boiling water - just enough for the granules to dissolve into it, then stir well. Next add a small (roughly equal) amount of cold water to help it to start to cool.

Step 2

Pour Into Glass

Wait a moment for the coffee to cool a little before pouring into another mug, or a glass. Add the milk until you have the amount you want (I used soya milk but any milk would obviously be fine).

syrup or sugar

Step 3

Syrup Or Sugar

You can either leave the coffee as it is, or add syrup or sugar to it to make it sweet. I used vanilla coffee syrup but I imagine anything would be nice.

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