Community Recipe: Asparagus, Bacon And Feta Salad


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This quite possibly sounds like a strange combination but I promise that it works! Also I didn't measure the amounts I used but I don't think it matters, just have as much as you want of each thing :)


  • feta
  • asparagus
  • lemon juice
  • prawns
  • salad leaves
  • dill
  • cucumber
  • bacon
cook asparagus and bacon

Step 1

Cook Asparagus And Bacon

Cut bacon and asparagus into rough pieces and fry, occasionally adding lemon juice, I used half a lemons juice squeezed in and then put the other half of the lemon in with it (I don't know if it added anything, it just felt hashtag cool). Take off the heat once both are cooked through and transfer the asparagus and bacon to a bowl, removing the piece of lemon.

prepare cucumber etc

Step 2

Prepare Cucumber Etc

I used a whole cucumber (to serve three people) and cut it into small, rough cubes. I also cut the feta to a similar size. I used two sprigs (are they sprigs in this case? I have no idea) of dill and cut it into fine pieces.

build(?) salad

Step 3

Build(?) Salad

Place salad leaves (I only used a small amount) in the base of the bowl and put the cucumber, feta and prawns on top alongside the dill and a squeeze of lemon juice. Finally, make sure the bacon and asparagus is cool and add it to the bowl at the last minute before serving. (Also remember to mix the salad!!)

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