Community Recipe: Watermelon Juice


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Super refreshing fresh watermelon juice with a hint of lime


  • drizzle lime cordial or fresh lime juice
  • handful ice
  • ¼ watermelon
prepare watermelon

Step 1

Prepare Watermelon

Cut watermelon into slices, trying to remove any obvious seeds as well as the skin. Do not worry too much about removing all the seeds as the mixture will be sieved later on.


Step 2


Put the watermelon into the blender/smoothie maker along with a drizzle of lime cordial (or fresh lime juice) (this is optional, it just helps to take that sweet edge off of the watermelon) and blend until mostly smooth.

blend again

Step 3

Blend Again

Add the ice and blend again


Step 4


Use a fine sieve to separate the juice from the mixture, using a fork to help speed up the process and push some liquid through.


Step 5


Fill glasses with a lot of ice and add the smooth liquid. Recommend not having too much (as in, don't have a pint) as it can end up being a little sickly - watermelon is very sweet!

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