Recipe: Homemade Orange Marmalade


Homemade marmalade is such a nice treat to spread all over a golden piece of toast. Here's a foolproof recipe so you can start making batches of your own! Our secret? A tiny bit of whiskey to the mix. It adds a little kick that Grandads out there will love.


  • 500 g oranges
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 l water
  • 1 kg preserving (or jam) sugar
Prepare the Oranges

Step 1

Prepare The Oranges

Pour the water into a saucepan. Halve the oranges and the lemon and squeeze the juice into the pan through a fine sieve to catch any pips or pith. Cut the squeezed halves into small shreds with a sharp knife, keep the pieces as small as you can since these are eaten in the final marmelade.


Step 2


Add the shredded peel into the water and juice mixture and heat to a boil. Simmer gentle for 90 minutes with a lid to avoid too much water evaporating, you might need to top up a splash more water after an hour if it’s reducing too much.

Add Sugar

Step 3

Add Sugar

Put a plate into the freezer to chill for later. Add the preserving sugar, stir and heat slowly to a simmer again to dissolve the sugar. Cook the sugar for a further 10-15 minutes over a slightly higher heat until you get the consistency you want… check using the cold plate to quickly cool some down to see how firmly it sets.

Cool and serve!

Step 4

Cool And Serve!

Transfer the marmalade into clean jars and seal them. Allow to cool completely before using the marmalade. **If you are adding whiskey do it right at the end when you’re happy with the consistency and then cook a bit longer to boil off the extra water and alcohol you’ve added, leaving behind the flavour. Add no more than 50ml!

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