Recipe: Cereal Milk Jelly


Oh so you want to eat cereal and milk in the back of a car eh? You crazy cat! Well now you can with our brand new cereal milk jelly cubes.


The Jelly

  • 600 ml whole milk
  • 200 g cornflakes
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 4 gelatine leaves


  • 2 tbsp runny honey


  • 200 g honey nut cornflakes

The Coffee

  • 120 ml espresso

The Coffee

  • 20 ml whole milk
  • 10 ml chocolate syrup
flavour the milk

Step 1

Flavour The Milk

Pour the whole milk into a bowl with the cornflakes and leave to soak/steep for 20 minutes. Drain through a sieve, into a bowl, and push the soggy cornflakes to make sure every last drop of milk escapes.

make the jelly

Step 2

Make The Jelly

Heat about a quarter of the milk in a saucepan until at boiling point. Soak the gelatine leaves in the other ¾ of the cold cereal milk. Squeeze excess milk form the soft gelatine leaves and whisk into the hot milk with a pinch of salt. Whisk the hot milk into the cold milk and divide the mixture into silicon ice mould trays then set in the fridge for several hours until firm. (*Or you can use a clingfilm lined baking tin and cut it up after it has set)

prepare the coating

Step 3

Prepare The Coating

Crush the honey nut cornflakes into a course crumb. Warm the honey slightly in a small dish.

coat the jellies

Step 4

Coat The Jellies

Pop the jellies out of the silicon, brush or dunk in the honey, then toss in the course crumbs to coat. Transfer to a plate and return to the fridge until ready to serve.

Serve up

Step 5

Serve Up

Mix the mocha ingredients together and place into your spray bottle. Serve a few of the crusted jelly cubes in a tin with the spray to eat easily on the go.

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