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Annual Sorted Food Membership + 1 Sorted Food Organic Cotton Mesh Grocery Bag

  • Gift Sidekick Subscription

    *Access to the 'Top Foodie Tips For Uni' e-book will be sent within the Gift Activation email!

    Gift Sidekick for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year and help somebody smash their meals every week! Help them:

    • Discover awesome new dishes with Smarter Recipe Packs. Each one contains 3 meals and 1 simple shopping list
    • Cut out their food waste and save their cash with smart ingredient sharing
    • Smash it in the kitchen with extra hints and tips from top chefs!
  • Sorted Food Organic Cotton Mesh Grocery Bag

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You Get:

Annual Membership to Sorted Food
– Weekly meal plans full of delicious, zero-waste recipes with our life-changing Meal Packs app
– 500+ recipes for every occasion with the Cookbooks app
– Hours and hours of foodie chat with 120+ episodes of the Feast Your Ears podcast to catch up on

and 1 Sorted Food Organic Mesh Grocery Bag


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