Your Cooking FAQs Answered

3rd July 2016

You asked we answered! 


We’re always being asked questions and we honestly couldn’t be more happy to help! Cooking is our thing and we want to help you on your quest to becoming an AWESOME chef and making AWESOME food. The following are some frequently asked questions we receive…

How do I make this recipe healthier?

There are lots of easy substitutions you can make in your meals to make them a little bit healthier. Try changing up the ratio of different ingredients. There are lots of ideas to make your meals healthier here

Can I make this myself?

All of the recipes on SORTEDfood have been tried and tested multiple times. We don’t put anything on our website without being 100% sure that it works. This means if you stick to the recipes there’s no reason it won’t work for you. Remember, if you ever get stuck, you can get in contact through Facebook or Twitter and ask us any questions!

Can I make this Gluten Free?

There are very few recipes that can’t be made gluten-free and you’d be surprised how many recipes are naturally gluten-free! If you are cooking gluten-free, make sure you have gluten free flour and pasta in your store cupboard. Make sure things like soy sauce are the gluten free varieties. Apart from that, it’s a case of logical substitutions. Tips on gluten-free living here

Can I make this cheaper?

Most of the recipes on SORTEDfood are accessible to most budgets. When it comes to the price of the ingredients, meat is often the most expensive. There’s nothing stopping you from substituting with a cheaper cut of meat (depending on the dish) or even cutting the meat and replacing it with vegetables.

What can I do with leftover stock?

If you’ve gone to all the effort of making stock, you don’t want to waste it. Next time you make a batch of stock, reduce down the leftovers and freeze them into stock cubes. Then next time you need some you’ll have handy portions ready to go.


How do I know when my water is boiling?

Boiling water is when there are large bubbles in the water that are breaking the surface. If there are smaller bubbles that are rising at a slower rate, your water is simmering rather than boiling.

How do I stop my pasta sticking together?

People have different ways to cook pasta. At SORTEDfood we bring a large pan of water up to a rolling boil, (ensuring the large bubbles are rapidly breaking the surface of the water), and season the water well. Because there is lots of movement in the water, there is no need to add any oil to your pasta.   

What oil should I use for cooking?

This is a question that has quite a long answer as there are quite a few types of oils out there! Check out this article which explains the different uses for the most popular oils used in cooking.

What even is tofu?

Tofu is made out of mashed soya beans and is used most often in Asian and vegetarian cooking.

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