Why You’ll Agree That Paneer Is The New Yum

20th June 2016

All ears and eyes open for a new cheese on the block.

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Paneer is a delicious cheese that’s common in India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. Recently we’ve seen a rise in its availability in the UK and the west. Having used it in a recent recipe of ours, we’ve decided to explore it a bit more and get a bit of a conversation going about how we can all use it more in our cooking!

What Does It Taste Like?

Because of its packaging, visual appearance and the types of recipes it’s used in, paneer can often be mistaken for feta. But it’s completely and totally different.

Feta has a sour taste and crumbly texture. Paneer is soft, smooth, malleable and doesn’t melt or fall apart easily. The best thing about this cheese is its versatility. You can make use of it in SO many different ways…

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How Is It Usually Eaten?

As we said before, Paneer is popular in South Asia so it’s very typical to see it in curry dishes as an addition or even replacement to the meat and vegetables within. Its flavour contrasts well with spices and its composition means it won’t melt or disintegrate if you add it to a hot dish. Take your favourite curry recipe (like the tikka masala) and sub in your usual meat with chopped cubes of paneer.

If you’re a vegetarian and looking for more variety, or you need a day off meat, Paneer could be the way forward!

What Other Ways Can I Experiment With Paneer?

We developed a delicious lamb & paneer kebab recipe which then folds beautifully into a flatbread. It’s perfect to skewer so use this as inspiration and give it a go with some vegetables or other meat.

You could also use it in samosas, dosas or crumbled over a pizza. If you have any other ideas or recipes up your sleeve, make sure you let us know!

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Will you be giving this delicious ingredient a go? Upload your creations to SORTEDfood or comment with your ideas on Facebook & Twitter. We’ll be sure to be talking about it over there.

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