Why Make Your Own Vanilla Extract?

15th September 2016


Vanilla extract is probably one of the easiest recipes I’ve never made. I’ve been putting it off, as you can see from all the photos in this article which definitely don’t look like vanilla extract because it takes 8 weeks and I made it a week ago. Sorry.

Anyway, it’s super easy and fun and tastes goooood. All you need is vanilla pods, vodka and time. Check out the full recipe here


As if you need any more encouragement to scamper off and make a big batch of extract here are 5 whole very sensible reasons that you should be doing it:

1. It tastes better, obvs. You choose the quality of the vanilla. The quality of the vodka shouldn’t matter too much, but it’s nice for reasonable quality (see the next point).

2. You have to buy vodka to use. This means you’ll probably end up with leftover vodka. You can drink that vodka in a cocktail, or straight up if you went all out and bought the good stuff.

3. You will never have to buy vanilla extract again. Just keep topping up your bottle with leftover vodka, or buy more vodka and repeat reason number 2. You’re nailing life right now. Enjoy it.

4. You’re a baller. Ballers make their own vanilla extract. Fact. There is nothing. NOTHING… more impressive that whipping out your own homemade vanilla extract in any situation. I’m planning on keeping my vanilla extract in my jacket pocket at all times. You should too.


5. You’ll learn patience. Making vanilla extract is like growing a beard. You know that person with a beard or a bottle of vanilla extract in their jacket pocket… see reason number 4… has patience. They have the mental capacity to wait it out and get through the hard times in order to enjoy the good times. That’s a person you know you can rely on. I have a beard by the way. I’ve also made some vanilla extract. Just saying…

If you agree with any of James’s reasons or just think he’s finally lost his marbles, be sure to tweet him and let him know your thoughts. If you make your own vanilla extract, send us a picture using #SORTEDfood!

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