Why Did I Choose The Vegan Lifestyle?

19th August 2016


We are chatting all things vegan this week thanks to some juicy new recipes  that we’ve developed. Because no one in the SORTEDfood studio is actually living that vegan life we thought it would be great to hear from some of our vegan friends!

Vegans adopt the diet for lots of different reasons whether it’s health, environmental or ethical. At SORTEDfood we’re all for supporting any diet that gives the community new and exciting recipes and love a good challenge. If you’re looking to find out a little more about this lifestyle, here are some of the reasons and experiences…

Lucy O’Reilly


I was a vegetarian for a year before I decided to become vegan, I saw some horrible footage of how they treat the animals in factory farms and made the decision just like that!

The most difficult thing for me was discovering there’s dairy in products you wouldn’t even imagine! For example, I can’t eat some crisps anymore because they add milk powder to ‘flavour’ the product. But once I knew this I just simply check the ingredients of products for egg, milk (and meat of course). To make things easier milk and egg are allergens so come up in bold and are easy to notice. After being vegan for almost 9 months now, I know what I can and can’t have so it’s not difficult at all.

Other than feeling much better in myself and my body, I was shocked at how healthy my hair and nails became. I didn’t realise going to a vegan lifestyle could change so much about your body and how good it can make you feel inside and out but if I did I would’ve become vegan a long long time ago.” 

Erin Cork  


“I’d been a vegetarian for over 10 years. Being conscious of the fact that the animals that we eat are species just like us, it seemed hypocritical to consume animal by-products as well. The abuse and exploitation in the dairy industry seemed to be just as bad as in the meat industry. So, I wanted to see if I could live happily and healthily on a plant-based diet, and if I could, then why aren’t we all? It’s better for animals, better for the environment and better for us.”

Jessica Keogh


“I had been on / off vegetarian since childhood for ethical reasons, then one day just over a year ago, I just couldn’t eat any animal products anymore – it was literally overnight!

Quite honestly, and in the nicest way possible, one of the only struggles I’ve had are with other people. I don’t talk about being vegan a lot (unless I’m asked), I don’t comment on anyone’s food and I don’t try to speak to people about why I’ve chosen my diet and lifestyle and why theirs should be the same. I don’t think like that – each to their own. But for some reason, people really take it personally that I don’t eat any animal products, and they try to catch you out; pointing to your shoes asking if they’re leather… it’s bizarre!

My main surprise has been how much I enjoy it! I really enjoy cooking now when before I didn’t at all, maybe it’s because I feel comfortable with all the ingredients I’m using now. For people who want to go vegan but don’t like vegetables, there are lots of ways to make them delicious but it does mean being inventive and spending a bit more time in the kitchen. For anyone who wants to see my recipes and high street restaurant recommendations, I can be found on Instagram at GreenVeganKitchen or my blog here.”

Emily von Euw


“I chose to go vegan mainly for ethical and environmental reasons but also I personally feel my best eating a ton of plants. If we don’t have to hurt or kill anyone to make our food, why would we?

People have huge misconceptions about what being vegan means. It’s a fun, delicious, fulfilling way to live! I don’t just eat raw lettuce and dream wistfully about bacon. I LOVE eating more than anyone I know. I am more passionate about my food than any meat-eater I have met. My food is delicious and makes me feel energized and inspired. I can eat anything I want but I choose to be vegan because I can.”

Are any of you guys vegan? Let us know over on Twitter all about your experiences getting used to the vegan life! 

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