How To Start A Freakin’ Awesome Food Blog

14th March 2016

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So you’re a total foodie. You love cooking, creating your own recipes, eating out, trying new things and really anything that involves lots. of. food. Maybe you already have an Instagram account to share and showcase your beautiful snaps? Maybe you’re hot on SORTEDfood uploading your newest recipes and using other foodies for inspiration. Or maybe you’re a total beginner and new on the foodie scene, learning as you go along?

Ever thought about starting your own blog? We’re serious! It can be a great idea for anyone at any level with a passion for food to turn it into an actual hobby. It’s not difficult at all, anyone can do it, and whether you gain an audience or not, it’s a really fun pastime and a great way to collect all your foodie experiences & ideas in one place. Think of it like an online scrapbook. You can show others, or keep it all to yourself. The fun is in the doing.

There are only a few things you need to get started. We’ve also provided links and info about our favourite bloggers in the SORTEDfood community. Check them out – they’re inspirational!


There is so much to cover in the world of cooking. So start by deciding what you’re going to write about. Are you a cook? Are you a baker? Do you follow a certain diet such as vegan, gluten free or paleo? Do you like eating out and reviewing restaurants? Maybe you love your home city and want to share knowledge about that? Pick a topic to get you started.

You can of course write about everything. There’s no stopping you. It’s your blog after all.

Crumbles and Kale


Pick a platform to get started on. There are many blogging platforms that are completely free. With providers like Tumblr, Blogger and WordPress you simply sign up, follow the steps and voila, a beautiful site for you to host and design your shiny new blog.


Now what really sets a blog apart is some juicy photos. You don’t need state of the art equipment, in fact, I started a food blog and used the camera on my smartphone! The trick is to use lots of natural light and be a little creative when presenting the food you want to photograph.

Acorns & Custard


It’s up to you how much time you put into your blog. Little or lots! A post a day, a post a week or a post a month! Your call. One tip we would give however is to be consistent with your writing. If you begin to build an audience, they will want to know how often they can expect nice new content from you. Don’t keep ‘em waiting!


Obviously you need to actually write. If you’ve never written about food before, take inspiration from other blogs and websites to see different styles and tone. Or, just write how you think. That’s pretty much the way at SORTEDfood.


If you decide that you’d quite like other people to read your blog or you want to join the conversation with similar bloggers to yourself, it’s ideal to use social media. Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are examples of how you can get your content out there. You can chat to people to gain inspiration and find out if what you’re writing about is popular.

Recipe for Adventures


If you want your blog to be shared, it helps if you tell your friends and family about your new venture. They can keep up to date with your latest shenanigans, provide suggestions, or even write for you! The support will build your confidence and really kickstart the blog.

Easy right? If you’ve got any other questions, let us know. If you’re not sure about starting a blog up on your own there’s no reason why you can’t start it with a friend. Look at Acorns & Custard! They have the greatest time together. Send us a link when you get started!

If you have a food blog and you’re looking to share more of your content, don’t forget to make use of a SORTEDfood profile. It’s a great way to meet other foodies and share great content & recipes. We hope to see you there!

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