What’s A Recipe Lab? How Can You Get Involved?

4th August 2016

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Recently we tried out something pretty new and, I’m not going to lie…  We’re pretty excited about it. For the first time in 6.5 years, we invited you into a Recipe Lab over on Instagram, whilst it was actually happening! If you’ve been with us over the years you’ll know that they happen every time we create a new recipe, to make sure we’re 100% happy with it before releasing it to the world. We’ve been doing them for the past 6.5 years and we’re not really sure why it’s taken this long to get you more involved!

So what happened? Let’s go back to the start. We decide on a theme: BBQ. We draw tonnes of inspiration from across the web, come up with some basic ideas, call out to you guys on Twitter to help us develop the idea further and then we HIT THE KITCHEN.

Well, James hits the kitchen… We just eat the food… (I think we get the better end of the deal!)! In the lab, we sit around the table to test, talk and tweak the recipes to see if there’s room to make them even better.

So this is the new part… From now on, we want to get your input at this stage too! Yesterday we filmed some live snippets from the lab for you to get a good idea of the recipes. Over the next few days, we’ll upload an image of each recipe with the key points of what we thought, followed by questions so you can help us fix it up into something even better.

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As an example, here’s our first post from the recipe lab – a mushroom vegetarian burger….

“This is a whopper of a vegetarian burger. Two portobello mushrooms, stuffed with goats cheese, sandwiched in between a brioche bun with slices of edam cheese, tomato and onion. First thoughts on tasting were that there was a little too much cheese. So… what cheeses would you use in a mushroom burger? What do you think overall?”

So get commenting on Instagram NOW! We really, really need your help. The rest of dishes from the lab will be up over the next few days so look out for them on Instagram. Recipes include a steak marinate, pork marinate, vegetable sides, soy salmon and BBQ strawberries (I know, right?!). If you like the sound of them and reckon you can impart some awesome expertise then we can’t wait to hear from you! If you’re not following us already on Instagram, you can find us here.

We’d also love to hear how we can make the whole experience better. If you have any pointers or feedback for this particular Recipe Lab let us know. Until then, mis amigos.

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