Grilled: Introducing Jane Clarke!

15th August 2016

Jane Clarke Grilled

Today’s Grilled is all about our good friend Jane Clarke! We asked her all about her foodie journey…

How did you get involved with SORTED?

I met the SORTED guys about a year ago through a mutual friend while discussing my passion for making nourishment accessible to everyone.  

Our aim is to bring amazing recipes and articles out to the community. It’s all about filling that gap, both for people that already have a healthy understanding of food but also for people who are looking to learn more about how food can help them. Ultimately, it’s about improving people’s quality of life!

There is so much nonsense written about food these days. Let’s be honest if everything people claimed about superfoods and wellness were true, we wouldn’t have any illness in the world!

It’s time to bring real evidence based information to people that will give the tools to make themselves well and enable them to bring around change in their own bodies.


How do you use food to help people within your practice?

I treat a lot of patients in my practice who are really struggling with their health, whether that’s digestive issues to dementia. I always start by explaining that food has the most amazing power to turn your body around.

When you start to uncover the different foods that people are intolerant to, the effects on their health can be magical and it’s so rewarding to be part of.

What is your greatest ever food moment or memory:

When asked a question like that I think you should always go for the first thought that comes into your head. My passion has always been in Italy. I spent many many summers in Tuscany, for me it’s a tiny farm very close to the house where we used to stay. They would do plates of pecorino, parmigiano drizzled with olive oil. Then we would also have burrata and a variety of cold cuts. They would literally come with huge platters, and that would be it, served underneath the olive trees. Perfect simplicity.


If you had to pick one kitchen gadget what would you pick?

That’s a very tricky question. I would have to say a hand-held blender because for me that says fresh homemade soup with vegetables from the garden, or apples to make an apple puree. You have so many options if you have the blender to hand.

A couple of silly questions to end with… Would you rather…

Only eat your favourite food, or never eat your favourite food again?

I’d rather eat my favourite food for the rest of my life!

Eat breakfast for every meal or supper for every meal?

Breakfast for every meal, I can’t do anything without breakfast.

Only cook with an oven or only cook with a stove?
I only cook with an AGA which is a whole different thing.

Jane is one of the UK’s most trusted dietitians and nutritionists. To find out more about here amazing work check out her website which is full of great advice and healthy recipes!  To continue the conversation head to Jane’s Instagram!

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