#BigNightIn Calzone Cookalong

28th October 2015

Calzone Main Image

Thanks to YouTube and as part of their big promotional campaign (details HERE) we got up to something pretty spectacular last Thursday and Friday in London. We hung out in Covent Garden and Spitalfields markets to give out boxes of ingredients for Friday’s Big Night In recipe. Calzones were on the menu.

We were a bit taken aback when we saw our set up for the first time. There was a SORTEDfood van. And a kitchen. Yes, you heard that right. In the middle of Covent Garden and Shoreditch there was a SORTEDfood van and kitchen, as well as a crazy amount of boxes for thousands of people to take home! How cool is that?

Covent Garden Strip

That’s not the best part either. That was completely down to you guys. We can’t believe how many of you turned up to say hi. We saw some familiar faces and got to meet some new people for some magnificent selfies. We were so excited to see everybody leaving with a big box of ingredients to join us for a Big Night In (sorry if they were a little heavy…!)

Meet Up Collage

It was great to see so many of your antics in the kitchen via #bignightin as you kneaded, prepped, stuffed and crimped your calzones. Some featuring antics included a fight with an onion, a musical interlude and some very floury faces. Even the animal kingdom got involved…

Prep pics BNI

So how did they turn out? SO many of you sent us your snaps of the finished calzones that we couldn’t count! We’ve never seen so many calzones together before. Here’s a good selection below. Some giant sized, some miniature, some with added ingredients and there were even a few pizzas for those that got to the last stages and just though, no.

Calzone Collage

So thanks to all of you for being so fantastic! Keep the recipes and snaps coming in because we love seeing what’s happening out and about on in the community. For any of you who missed last week, here’s the calzone recipe. It’s super easy and anyone you make it for will be impressed to the max. Until next time…

An especially big thank you to the following on Twitter and Instagram. The pictures you shared with us were unbelievable, so we used as many as we could in this post.

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