10 Foodie Things To Do In Amsterdam

18th February 2016

Epic foodie recommendations from a recent trip to Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam, in The Netherlands, is a very well connected city and accessible from all around the world. Picturesque canals, pumping nightlife and a cyclist’s paradise! It’s the ideal city to spend a lazy… or crazy weekend with plenty to see, do and most importantly eat!

The Amsterdam food scene in this vibrant city is full of treats and rich Dutch traditions. Maybe you’re planning a trip there soon or just interested to expand your foodie knowledge? If you’re Dutch yourself it’ll be interesting to see if you agree.

Here’s what to munch on in between dodging bicycles and the 10 Foodie Things I Recommend:

1. Bitterballen | Deep Fried Beef Meatballs

Bitterballen are a firm Dutch favourite and the ideal pub snack alongside a cool Heineken (Amsterdam’s most famous beer.) The small balls contain chunks of beef and a rich roux that are then breaded and deep fried. Hot, crunchy and delicious dipped in mustard. You can’t go wrong with them!

Bitterballen Strip

2. Patatje Oorlog | Thick Cut Fries & Satay Sauce

Street vendors around the city will serve delicious, thick and piping hot chips in cones. The fries are covered in your choice of topping. I was recommended Patatje Oorlog which is a topping of a sweet and sticky satay sauce.

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3. Haring & Kibbeling | Raw Herring & Fish Bites

I was told to give some ‘broodje haring’ a bit of a go as it’s an Dutch tradition. This is essentially raw herring in a bun with onions and pickles. I tried a couple of bites and decided that it’s perhaps an acquired taste so I fell back on kibbeling instead.

Kibbeling are small fish nuggets (usually cod) fried and dipped in a sweet, herby mayonnaise. These were delicious! But do try the herring too for the full experience. Most vendors will offer both.


4. Stroopwafel

For a sugary fix a Stroopwafel is divine. Two waffles sandwiched together with a sticky caramel syrup served piping hot. I couldn’t resist getting one dipped in chocolate just to add more naughtiness to the bite.

I was also recommended Poffertjes- fluffy mini pancakes dipped in icing sugar. After a bit of a binge on stroopwafel I couldn’t manage another bite and I didn’t get the chance again to try these, so let me know if you do!

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5. Ossenworst & Old Dutch Cheese

Another popular bar snack, Ossenworst is raw beef sausage that tastes very similar to steak tartar. Meat lovers assemble! Many places will serve it sliced with Old Dutch gouda cheese with mustard.

oost strip

6. Rijsttafel | Rice Table

There is a heavy Indonesian influence in Amsterdam born from times of the Dutch Empire. When in Indonesia, Dutch colonials introduced the rice table as a way of tasting many local dishes at once to sample the variety of food and it was so popular they brought it home.

In a traditional Rijsttafel there is a huge array of meats, spices and textures and (ideally) a lot of food. You can take your time over the food as many restaurants serve it on hot plates to keep all of the dishes fresh.

rijstaffel strip

7. Foodhallen | Bellamyplein 51, 1053 AT Amsterdam

Next up are the places to go. Foodhallen is a big indoor market in an old tram shed with heaps of bars and international street food stalls aplenty. Many people head there after work or on the weekend to hang out and feast with big groups of friends. Perhaps not traditional but a must if you’re obsessed with food.

Grab a table and guard it with your life! Take it in turns with whoever you’re with to choose delicious nibbles to sample. There’s such a wide variety. Highlights include Vietnamese summer rolls, pork Bahn Mi, a hummus platter and sticky chicken skewers.

Foodhallen Strip-1

8. Albert Cuyp Market | Albert Cuypstraat

This street market is a good place to sample many of the foods I mentioned above. It’s located in De Pijp, a great foodie area and open during the day. Walk up and down a few times to take everything in and keep an eye out to see what the locals are munching.

Albert Strip

9. Brown Cafes

The Amsterdam version of the pub. They’re called so because of their characteristic dark wood and dark lighting. With plenty of beers on offer, great bar snacks and incredible meats available ask what your server recommends! The atmosphere in them is usually great.

ribs strip

10. Quaint Breakfast

The breakfast and brunch scene in Amsterdam is on point. Probably because everyone needs a slap up, greasy, delicious meal to get over the night before.

There are many popular establishments that showcase breakfast burgers, waffles, french toast and eggs benedict galore. Remember to book ahead because the whole city had the same idea as you to get up early to grab a table.

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There you have it! Eat happy. Travel happy! Everyone has their personal favourites so let us know in the comments what you love about Amsterdam’s food scene.

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