A Guide For Making Superb Standout Desserts

30th July 2016

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Whether you’re trying to bake a cake, make a cheesecake, or even something random like a Trifle, there are so many simple ways to make something completely next level. With my quick tips you have a sure fire way to completely wow anybody and everybody!

1. Use a good recipe

I love a good recipe, but that’s obvious. A good recipe and you’re on your way to a winner. With a great foundation you can fill it, decorate it and plate it just the way you like. Once you’ve nailed the basics you can begin to develop your own recipe.

2. Use quality ingredients

When I say this I mean that you should be using ingredients you can afford but the best you can afford. You don’t have to use gold leaf on your desserts but a good quality chocolate with a high cocoa count does make a difference.

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3. Seasonal ingredients

If it’s the summer, explore the summer berries. I love fresh, and perfect local summer berries. If it’s winter, I wouldn’t want to use the Summer Berries, because they’re tasteless. I suit everything to the season. So if you want a showstopping dessert over Christmas use Winter Berries and winter style chocolates! For summer… you get the jist.

4. Work with confidence

If you’re scared of drizzling something because it won’t drizzle how you want it to… it won’t drizzle how you want it to. It sounds weird doesn’t it but if you are confident in how you mix something or put it together- it will be better. And we always want to BE BETTER. Don’t we?

I just tend to go a little crazy and go wherever my arm pleases and it looks much better for it.

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5. Really don’t over think it

Be carefree about your desserts, bakes, and everything you cook. Obviously to some extent watch out. You don’t want to get too happy with a blowtorch and injure yourself. However, if you are trying to ‘randomly’ decorate something with sprinkles it will look MUCH better if you genuinely sprinkle it on. Don’t try to place everything perfectly with tweezers, as it will look forced!

6. Look for inspiration

I adore looking at other people’s desserts and doing my own twist. Katherine Sabbath with her drip cakes… all the Freakshakes.. other bloggers, and even restaurants. Instagram is a fantastic tool for this. You can snoop about and collect inspiration as you go through life. Pick the bits and bobs you like from each and create your own style.

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7. Experiment

I now have 28 Cheesecake recipes on my website and I just can’t stop. I always believe a cheesecake is a showstopper, or a tart, or a pie… or anything delicious. Combine different flavours and keep on developing. You’ll soon establish your own signature piece that people know what to look out for.

8. Don’t hold back on indulgence

I always believe that a Showstopping Dessert should be Indulgent. Indulgent, calorific, and mind boggling to look at. Nobody ever cared about their waistline digging in to a showstopper! Think oozing drip cakes, shards of chocolate on the top, ferrero Rochers, Caramacs, Kinder Bueno, Sweets, Chocolate Orange… randomly placed, delicious and perfect.

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9. Decoration

I always believe something that is truly showstopping and stands out from other desserts, is decorated well. A bit of a drizzle or chocolate drip, some sparkle, some well piped buttercream or cream, and a touch of icing sugar.

In reality, you don’t have to put that much into the decoration itself, as simple things can make such a difference! Less can be more.

10. Pick what you serve it on

Yes, this doesn’t have anything to do with the actual Dessert… however, if you serve something on a pretty glass dish, or a bit of cardboard, you can guess which one will look nicer. I’m not saying you need a fancy cake stand or anything, just something clean, pretty, and made for a dessert.

 Jane is from the South Coast of the UK and runs baking blog and desserts website Jane’s Patisserie. Be sure to check it out for more great tips, recipes like the ones featured and Instagram for the most amazing baking pictures you’ve ever seen! 

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