Glorious Foodie Eats Across Mexico

30th May 2016

Mexico THumb

Ever wondered what it’s like to eat your way around Mexico… in only 24 hours? Well, this menu is pretty ambitious, but if you’ve got a jet plane and a gigantic appetite, it could look something like this…

8am – Coffee, Chiapas.

Coffee, obviously, it’s 8am! Coffee is a huge industry here and you’ll find some of the best in the world. You truly can’t go wrong with coffee from Chiapas region. The fragrant smell fills the streets here.

9am –  Huevos Mexicana, All over Mexico!

How do you like your eggs in the morning? I like mine with a kick. Huevos Mexicana are scrambled eggs, mixed with the colours of the flag – diced onion, green peppers and tomato, served with black bean purée and avocado, but of course, topped with a singingly hot red chilli salsa!

11am – Tacos al Pastor, Mexico City.

Tacos for elevensies is a thing right? Well it should be. Tacos al pastor, moist spit roasted, spice marinated pork with slices of spit roast pineapple, fresh coriander and onions and doused in your choice of salsa. A bomb of flavour.   

Mexico Strip 2

1pm – Pescado Frito, Veracruz.

In a country surrounded by four seas and oceans, it’s sacrilege not to have some seafood here. Whole red snapper, deep fried until the skin is golden and crispy served with pico de gallo – a finely diced mix of tomato onion and coriander – rice, and fresh lime.

4pm – Agua fresca, Southern Mexico.

The post lunch slump can be easily cured with an ice cold agua fresca. Two of the most popular are Agua de Jamaica (a sweetened hibiscus tea served cold) or horchata, a silky white drink made with rice milk, almonds and sometimes coconut, but always with a healthy sprinkle of cinnamon. 

Me7pm – Cochinita Pibil, Yucatán.

Let’s get ancient. Traditionally wrapped in banana leaves and buried in a pit underground to smoke, cochinita pibil is a slow cooked, smoked whole pig, flavoured with acidic orange juice and dyed red with a paste of achiote (made from annato seeds). After a long slow smoking, the pork meat is pulled from the bones and served with soft, warm corn tortillas. Say. No. More.

Mexico Strip 3

10pm –  Marquesita, Southern states.

Follow up the smokey pig dinner with something light and sweet. A flour batter poured onto a hot cast iron clamp,similar to a crepe plate, and filled with Nutella or Edam cheese (or both, really, that’s a thing). As it cools it goes so light and crispy like a wafer, they’re incredibly addictive and edible with just one hand. The best part is, they don’t fill you up, so you can just keep going back for more… 

Midnight – Mezcal or Hot Chocolate, Oaxaca.

Forget Tequila, it’s all about Mezcal. For years it was seen as something only drunk by the older generation in rural areas, but now there’s been a revival and it’s the hippest drink in town. Equally as strong in alcohol as Tequila, its made from fermented agave plant and takes several years to make a bottle. Alternatively, if you’re not feeling a night cap, a luxurious hot dark chocolate drink will do the job. 

Lou and Dave are currently travelling through Mexico and are doing a grand job of updating us with all the food they discover along the way! To keep up with the full story and to find even more stunning photos, don’t forget to follow them on instagram @twohungrybrits and catch up with their blog.

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