8 Steps To Perfect & Colourful Meringues

25th January 2016

Meringue Header

We worked with The Meringue Girls last April and filmed this very enticing video on ‘8 Steps to Mastering Perfect Meringues‘. Boy, were they perfect or what? 

We thought we’d give it a bit of a revisit in case you too wanted to ride on fluffy, sugary, puffy clouds of delight.

The recipe we follow in this article & the original video is for Watermelon Kisses (though the steps apply to all meringues). If you’re a beginner to coloured meringues, start with this recipe and these 8 easy steps:

1. Make sure your bowl is exceedingly clean

Any volume of grease will affect the volume of the egg whites. How to make sure of this? Use a lemon and a piece of kitchen roll to wipe down the inside of a bowl. 

Meingue 1

2. Heat the sugar in an oven

The sugar needs to reach a temperature of 200’C until it’s hot to touch. This should take around 7 minutes. It’s right in the middle of the French and Italian method but the Meringue Girls recommend it because it’s super easy. You know us at SORTED… we LOVE easy!

Meringue 2

3. Whisk yo’ whites. 

When separating egg whites and egg yolk, keep them well away from each other. Yolk in the egg whites is a code red. 

To whisk, start nice and slow so stabilising bubbles can form. Turn up the speed slightly, then 30 seconds to go with your sugar, pop it up to full speed. Pow. 

meringue 3

4. Add the sugar, sugar!

One teaspoon at a time, add the sugar to the stiff egg whites. If you add it too quickly or all at once it will deflate the mixture and none wants a sad meringue now do they? 

When all the sugar is in, keep whisking for 5-6 minutes until it’s completely smooth. This is to make sure you get as much oomph and volume out of your meringues as possible before you start to get fancy with the mix.

meringyue paint

5. Colour them pretty.

The Meringue Girls add food colouring to the inside of their piping bags. Turn the bags inside out to paint! This is how they achieve those wonderful stripes of colour. 

piping bag

6. Flavour them

You can get mega creative with the flavours and introduce anything you like! In the video below The Meringue girls use watermelon, beetroot & chocolate and gin & tonic essence! Be careful with the essence. You want to use one with little volume and intense flavours because too much addition of dense liquid will deflate the mix. Fold it in slowly.

You can also use freeze dried powders thanks to their light nature. Remember that ingredients such as nuts and cocoa powder should be used very sparingly, again because they can deflate the mix.

Match the flavours with the food colouring for a great effect.

freeze dried

7. Pipe them onto a tray

Spoon your mix into a piping bag. What kind of meringue do you want? For meringue kisses you need to cut a 50p sized opening at the tip of the bag. For larger meringues, cut a larger opening, further up. 

Pipe out splodges on a lined baking tray and finish with an upwards swipe to get the cute little tip shape you can see in the photo: 


8. 1, 2, 3… BAKE!

Bake your meringues low and slow for 35- 40 minutes. You can tell when they’re done because they’ll easily be able to be picked off the baking paper. 

oven meringue

There you have it. Stunning, colourful meringues. How easy does that sound? Big thanks once again to the Meringue Girls. If you have something special coming up, these little treats are what you want to impress. 

If you’re looking to add Meringues to your repertoire start with any of the fantastic recipes below. You’ll be a meringue master in no time. Create a profile on the SORTEDfood app and upload your photos so we can see how you’re getting on. 

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