8 Easy Tips To Make The Worlds Best Lasagne

8th April 2016

Get ready for some golden advice people…


The great thing about Lasagne is that its looks really impressive when you serve it up, but each individual section is actually super easy to make. Plus the many of the ingredients can be bought without breaking the bank. We’ve combined some top tips sure to make the best lasagne recipe in existence.

1. Add a dash of milk in your bolognese

This may sound a little odd at first but traditional bolognese recipes call for a dash of milk. There’s some dispute on the original reasoning behind this. Most people seem to agree that it helps to give the bolognese a more whole, rounded flavour alongside the acidity of the wine. Whatever the reason, it taste darn delicious.


2. Use a fattier meat

Don’t be put of by mince with a higher fat content. All that fat is just going to cook down and create a delicious, rich bolognese that’s going to make you look like an absolute boss in the kitchen.

3. Simmer down

Don’t skimp on cooking time. The longer the better when it comes to cooking your bolognese. Let those flavours really get their groove on for 3 hours or more. We promise you be able to taste the difference come testing time.

4. Add a pinch of nutmeg to your white sauce

Adding nutmeg to your white sauce is much the same as adding a dash of coffee to chocolate. You don’t necessarily want to taste the nutmeg when you take a bite of your Lasagne but it has the effect of enhancing and deepening the overall flavour within the dish.


5. Then add ALL THE CHEESE

It’s going to be no surprise to anyone that we are a little enthusiastic when it comes to cheese distribution. That’s one of the great things about this Lasagne, he’s a more the merrier kinda guy. Mozzarella, cheddar, ricotta and parmesan all bring a little something to the white sauce party.

6. Size matters

Try not to cut your various vegetables too small. When you serve up your lasagne you want to still be able to see what you are eating. If your vegetables are cut to small you run the risk of them disintegrating while your Lasagne is cooking. No one likes soggy veg.


7. Now is the time

It may sound obvious but remember to taste all the different elements before you begin assembling your Lasagne. Make sure every layer is ready to hold his own before starting your epic construction project.

8. Think ahead

One of the best parts of serving up a home-made Lasagne is seeing all those lovely layers. When you start building your Lasagne think about how it’s going to look when you cut into it. Consider the different colours and textures of each layer and how best to order them to create the most appealing presentation.


The great thing about Lasagne is that it’s super versatile. If there is a certain vegetable you don’t like, you can swap it out for something else. It’s all about making your perfect meal.
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