8 Student Stereotypes You’ll Encounter At Uni

27th May 2016

How many of these have you met along the way?

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For a lot of people, university is their first taste of living away from home and the first time living independently. If you’re a fresher and this your first year coming to a close or you’re embarking on your uni journey in Autumn, these are some of the people you’re bound to meet. If you haven’t met people on this list, chances you might be one of them.

1. The one that never has any milk, AKA: All of Us.

Plan ahead because shops have been scientifically proven to shut when you run out. Every. Single. Time. And cereal with water is no fun for anyone.


2. The Homesick One

Some people take to cooking for themselves really well and some pine for a taste of home. When a parent’s cooking is on a completely different level to students, there’s no wonder so many people get home-sick, or pop home every weekend for a Sunday Roast. Save yourself travel fare and learn a few recipes you can make up for housemates to distract people from the homesick blues.

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3. The Procrasta-baker

“I’ve written 300 words, therefore, I should take a break by making this sweet muffin recipe I found”. Be careful though, if you want a full meal to make while typing up; how about using a slow cooker? You’ll get more portions out of it and you can keep you studying for longer.


4. The Veggie

Whether out of lifestyle choice or necessity of budget, this simpler budget option is a must do experience for any student foodie. Sometimes it’s the best decision you’ll ever make and sometimes you’ll do 3 days of thinking about nothing about steak. Learn some veggie recipes and throw in some Quorn to get your protein on. It’ll pay off if you want to cook dinner for other vegetarians and it’s a great way of showing off for any potential date material.


5. The Health Nut

If you have housemates that know their way around the food pyramid, you’re in luck because these people will help you shape your own healthy recipes. Throw in the occasional cheat day and for the love of god, don’t do the juice diet. You’d find more satisfaction in eating your lecture notes.


6. The Stockpiler

Ramen bought in bulk. More ready meals, tins and packets and dried food than one person could consume in their lifetime. Whether they’re planning ahead for the coming apocalypse or doing their best to make every penny count (and with good reason seeing as how expensive education’s gotten) they’re going for having as much easily storable food with a long shelf life as possible to save buying fresh. Much like the Health Nut it’s important to remind them to  “treat yo’self” for the good of their mental wellbeing.


7. The Food Theif

Not content with their own stash or maybe just blind drunk from a night out, the food thief is the worst of the worst; eating everything you own and leaving finger marks in your peanut butter. Lock your cupboard and hide your expensive ingredients. They’ll probably deny it was them but everyone knows.


8. The Fellow Foodie

It can either go 1 of 2 ways. You’ll end up being the best of bankrupt buds having spent all your cash on cooking and eating out, or you’ll devolve into a constant state of bitter competition. This isn’t Master Chef. The best foodie friendships will blossom out of having separate passions, working together in jolly cooperation or pushing each other to try new things. Go get out there and find your Food Buddy.  


Will Cowley runs the Student Chow profile on SORTEDfood and also has a tumblr blog. He frequently writes about all aspects of student life: Health, fitness, partying, budgeting and most of all, eating! Don’t forget to follow him and keep your eyes peeled for more great pieces about foodie life as a student!

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