7 Stages Of Grief When Your Favourite Restaurant Closes

4th November 2015


I’m absolutely devastated. I’m anything but ok. I refuse to let go. I can’t hold on to the good times. And although it was them and not me, the thought of moving on is just not possible.

My favourite restaurant has closed down.

For good.

Not to be seen again.


Here are the stages of grief you will go through during the most turbulent break up of your life so far…


This will consume you. You MUST know what happened. You will continuously want to talk about it with family, friends and colleagues to burn down to the root of the problem. Why? Why? Why? Is the question you will ask. Until you know for sure what really happened, you will be broken.

sobbing gif


It’s not really closed. It’s a trick. A joke. You’ll wake up tomorrow and be able to call up and book a table for the weekend, no problem.


You will follow up with tweets and emails. You will start to feel a little desperate. “Just one last chicken wing. Just one.” you will say. Try to avoid begging for the recipes of all your favourite dishes. You have more dignity than that.


How dare they. HOW DARE THEY. You paid good money to go there. You gave up so much of your life for that restaurant and what do you get in return? A total snubbing. Good riddance. *Stamps feet.*

angry gid


You will go a bit wild and try out multiple new restaurants. Each time a wave of guilt will hit you, but it starts to numb the pain.


It once seemed impossible. But you’re ok with it. That gap is slowly filling inside of you. You now only gently weep when remembering the good times, instead of a full frontal sob.


You realise you’re strong and independent. You are so strong and talented that you can pretty much cook all of the recipes they served anyway. You are a HERO and you’re better off alone.


If there’s a restaurant you miss like crazy, let us know on Twitter or Facebook. Tell us the recipe of your favourite dish and we could even recreate it for you. 

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