7 Hacks To Make Your Average Bowl Of Cereal Incredible

18th June 2016

Let’s put cereal back on the map!

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A bowl of cereal can be so darn boring. It’s slowly starting to fizzle out of the realm of cool to munch on a bowl of coco pops or rice krispies. Thing is, we’re not quite ready to agree with that. There are SO many little fun things you can do to improve your life.

Let’s put cereal back on the map together.

1. Add Chocolate Milk

And don’t stop at milk chocolate! The nicest bowl of cereal I ever tried was made with white choc milk. Simply delicious. Dark chocolate, strawberry milk, banana milk… the list goes on.

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2. Use Different Types Of Milk

The milk fun continues. Almond milk and coconut milk aren’t only there for health freaks, they taste delicious in a bowl of cereal too. And have you thought about yogurt? It’s a little more filling than standard milk and with the right cereal, it can be a dream.

3. Warm The Milk

Ever tried a bowl of shredded wheat or weetabix with hot milk? It adds a different dimension, honest. Especially nice on a cold winter morning, it’s a good substitute for porridge.

4. Combine Two Types

As a real last resort, put your two favourite cereals in the same bowl. Yum.

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5. Make A Cereal Milk Milkshake!

Are you a culprit who ends up with hoards of leftover milk? Try this little trick: Blend the leftover milk into a milkshake! If it’s a sugary, nommy type of cereal it’s AMAZING.

6. Add Toppings

Treat it like a bowl of ice cream. Go healthy with dried fruits, nuts and desiccated coconut. Or be uber naughty and go for chocolate, hundreds & thousands and raspberry coulis. If you have any extra tips for us, we want to know. Pile it all in.

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7. Make Cereal Into Cake

If you’re still not down with eating your cereal out of a bowl with a spoon then I’m not sure we can help. EXCEPT for this last tip. Mix in some chocolate, pop it in the fridge and hooray! Chocolate crispie cakes. You’re on to a winner.

If you have any better ideas for cereal hacks then comment on Facebook and Twitter! We want to know. Don’t forget to check out our awesome post on porridge too. 

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