6 Great Ways to Pimp Your Porridge

13th June 2016

From peasant to princess, porridge is the next social climber…HEADER1

Porridge has often been given a bad rep. From workhouse gruel to gloopy school-lunches, even I’d be put off by its track record. But no! Those are merely memories from the past. What I’m about to share, will change everything.

No longer will porridge be your average, soulless bowl of breakfast in the morning. I give you six hot tips that pack a punch, making your porridge fit for royalty and perhaps something even that other queen of porridge, Goldilocks, would find “just right”.


1. Spice up your life!

Rather than reaching for the sugar, amp up the flavour with spices. Play around and experiment. Try cinnamon for comforting warmth or fresh turmeric and ginger for a spicy kick – you certainly won’t be needing the extra sugar boost with this one under your belt to wake you up. (Warning: if you’re using fresh turmeric, beware your hands may resemble something similar to the Simpsons!)


2. Cake for breakfast anyone?

Obviously, I already know the answer to this one (who’s ever said no to pudding for breakfast?) Porridge is such a versatile companion. Simply mix your oats, milk (I use half water/half nut milk), spices and a handful of berries, then bake in the oven. Delicious.


3. Butter me up

If you’re a nut butter obsessive like me, then this will totally transform your regular bowl of oats. A spoonful of nut butter (you choose) on top of a bowl of steamy porridge is sublime and a definite must if you’re getting tired of just plain oatmeal. Even better – make something extra special by whizzing up toasted hazelnuts, cacao and maple syrup in a food processor – Nutella anyone?


4. Go against the grain

Try switching up your regular oats for an alternative take on the classic. Whether you’re intolerant or fancy a change – quinoa, buckwheat or chia seeds all make a wonderful substitute to start your morning off right.


5. Crackle ‘n’ crunch

It’s all about the texture. For me, there’s nothing better than crunchy granola sprinkled (liberally) on top. There are some amazing, healthier ones that aren’t packed with sugar you can find in the supermarkets these days. Better still, it’s so easy to make your own then you always have some to hand. (Note: it’s very addictive)


6. Get fruity

Whether it be raspberry & cacao or banana & blueberry, changing up your fruity topping can totally revitalise your morning bowl of porridge. For maximum flavour – stick with the seasons – that way you don’t get bored with the same fruit day-in-day-out. Currently loving fresh rhubarb and ginger compote but I can’t wait until strawberry season comes into full swing…PB&J anyone?

So get back in the kitchen. Next time you make your porridge, what’s the bet you’ll be asking, “Please Sir, can I have some more?”

A massive thank you to Saskia, aka the Porridge Queen, for sharing her porridge wisdom! Make sure you check out here blog and Instagram for more amazing porridge recipe and photos!  

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