6 Amazing Wedding Cake Trends

27th June 2016

At weddings we’re all pretty judgemental when it comes to the cake.

Naked Cake Header

Cake! Cake! Everybody loves cake! And hello, the winner of the cake category always has to be the esteemed wedding cake. Tiered, colourful, vibrant and made to order, if you don’t have a spectacular show stopper as the centrepiece at a wedding, you might as well not tie the knot.

After the fantastic Indian wedding we went to recently, we decided to scope out the help of Rosie from Wedding Planner to tell us what the most recent, fabulous trends are in the wedding world….

1. Metallics

Once a fashion reserved only for the inedible features of your wedding, now cakes can be metallic too! The beauty of this trend is that it can be made to suit anything from a rustic, shabby chic barn setting to a grand and classic style. In order to not over-do it, try pairing your chosen metallic with pastel colours of buttercream or icing. Credit to: Pret a Cake

Wedding Cake 3

2. Semi-Naked

The slightly more bashful cousin of last year’s naked cake trend. Semi-naked cakes know it’s always best to leave a little something to the imagination, and so have just a smear of buttercream or frosting covering their spongy bits. Credit to: Yolk.

semi naked cake

3. Drip Cakes

Following the lead of the oozing cakes, bakes and milkshakes that so often grace our Instagram feeds, the drip wedding cake is an unashamedly gluttonous cake. It dares you to imagine the flavour within, and will leave your guests salivating by its side. Credit: Sophie Page.

Wedding Cake 1

4. Crazy Flavours

It’s no longer acceptable to offer your guests a measly choice of fruit, sponge or chocolate cake. Weddings these days call for sponge flavours such as gin & tonic, chocolate & Guinness, Earl grey, Matcha and the aptly named ‘confetti’. Credit to: Pink Frosting Cake Company.

Naked Cake

5. Dessert Table

Can’t decide on just one type of cake and icing? Have a whole table full! You could even ask guests to donate cakes and have an impromptu wedding bake off. Credit to: Sugared Saffron.

Wedding Planner 4

6. Non-cakey cake

A tower of garlic dough balls, a pyramid of glazed Crispy Crème doughnuts, giant tiered pork pies and, of course, stacked wheels of cheese. Just some of the wedding cake alternatives couples that don’t do sponge are opting for…

What’s the best wedding cake you’ve ever laid eyes on? If you’re wedding cake obsessed and want some more incredible ideas head over to Rosie’s awesome blog on Wedding Planner.

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