10 Dream Career Ideas… In Food!

31st May 2016

How to make a living out of food… 

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So, chances are, if you’re a fan of what we do here at SORTEDfood, you’re passionate about great grub. Hopefully you already know our story? It’s simple: A group of old school mates used to get together in the pub to swap cooking skills, recipes and ideas on the back of beer mats. As they all realised their total craziness for food, it quickly became a no brainer: why not make this passion for food a full time career and start a worldwide conversation?

So how far does your passion for food go? Is it just a pastime? Or have you ever considered making a career out of it? Today’s article is here to give you some foodie careers ideas. From hands-on cooking & baking to photography & writing… There’s something for everyone, no matter your skills.

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This might sound like a pretty obvious one to start with. When you think about a career in food a chef is probably the first job you will think of! But the role of a chef has so many different elements within that and there are millions of exciting paths for you to take. 

You may or may not have heard of the ‘Brigade de Cuisine’. It’s a hierarchy system found in many hotels & restaurants that very simply explains all the different roles and functions in a kitchen and how they all work together. Starting here can help you decide if you want to a be a specialist in something or if you’re going all guns blazing for the executive chef position.

The trick is not to specialise in anything too soon and thoroughly get to know the basics. Though it’s not mandatory, a fantastic place to start your dream is a cooking course or full time cooking school. Check out our very own James Currie as a wee trainee:



The sweet version of a chef is a baker! If you’re sitting down the pub talking to anyone who will listen about desserts and cakes then that’s clearly where your passion is. There’s also the option of becoming a Pâtissier (pastry chef) if you want to take it up a notch and get incredibly skilled in this fine art.


When it comes to the world of food I think we can all agree that the overall experience can be just as important as the food that you eat. A career in hospitality is all about curating, planning and executing that experience for people. These sorts of jobs can be incredibly rewarding because you can see people having a great time in the knowledge that you were part of it. This is also a great option if you’re looking to travel. Chalet dinners, cruise ship canapes, yacht cocktails and beach parties could all be planned by YOU!

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So this is a food career from a completely different angle. All great restaurants, celebrity chefs and food companies need to advertise themselves right? If you’re creative and business minded then the food industry is an incredible place to develop a career.


If you’re someone who just loves words and nosh, this is pretty much the dream job. Whether you want to be a food blogger, journalist, author or even restaurant critic, there’s something really special about the power of describing food; it allows other people to join you in the experience and the possibilities are simply endless. 


Anyone that knows us at SORTEDfood will know that we take recipe development very seriously! The process we have is pretty unique thanks to our magic community. James constantly works with Ben to make our recipes immense. He writes, tests, re-writes, tests again and again and again until the perfect recipe is reached. So basically, if you want to eat, eat, eat, then recipe dev. might be for you!

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If you love learning about the nitty gritty scientific elements behind food you could either pull a Heston Blumenthal and explore Molecular Gastronomy or learn all about nutrition! FYI this doesn’t necessarily mean being a health nut but more becoming a pro on the elements of food and ingredients. All major chefs and companies will consult nutritionists to ensure they’re keeping with standards and guidelines.


There’s so much more to food photography than Instagram! Every time people talk about food, whether it’s in a magazine, online or face to face, we are always reaching for beautiful images. It’s a real skill to make food look amazing through the lens, but one that’s incredibly satisfying. 

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If you’re still into the visual aspect of food but don’t have the tekkers to master a big, fat, expensive camera you can still create a whole career food styling. All publications need someone with an eye for beautiful presentation. Imagine writing on your CV: I play dress up with food. Yes.


Want to start a business? Got an idea for the latest hipster food trend? If you head to a food festival for a wander then all the people behind the street food stalls are a prime example of how many incredible foodie entrepreneurs are out there. Starting a small cafe or food truck can launch a wealth of opportunities for the right minded individual.

At SORTEDfood we’ve got a stupidly talented team that pretty much tick all the above boxes. If you have any questions for us about your own food career, please feel free to tweet us @sortedfood. We’re always here to help. And eat. 

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