3 Recipes To Get You Started With Shellfish

15th June 2016

Broaden your cooking horizons.

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If we had to pick an ingredient that most people are afraid of cooking with, it would have to be the entire category of shellfish. That’s not surprising considering there are hundreds and thousands of variants and each have their own special way of getting from the sea and to our tables.

Crustaceans like lobster and crab can be mighty expensive but BOY are they worth it. We’ve got the following recipes fixed if you’re thinking about stepping outside of your comfort zone. Each one gets a little trickier than the last.

1) Prawn Scallop Mac ‘n’ Cheese

scallop macncheese

Start soft and slow with easy peasy ingredients like prawns and scallops. These are so readily available at major supermarkets- no excuses! Flavour wise, this recipe is great because it’s a classic that you’re completely used to. By adding the subtle twist, it’s a fabulous way of easing yourself into cooking and eating shellfish.

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2) Moules Marinieres

Moules Marinieres

Have you realised how cheap fresh mussels are? Cheap as chips! Honest! At first glance it seems like an impossible concept to master the tricks of removing the beard and checking for dead ones, but it’s pretty simple. You’ve gotta start somewhere right? So how about this classic, creamy, delicious recipe.

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3) Lobster Rolls

Lobster Rolls

Fresh lobster is the ultimate OMG. If you’re aspiring to be a true chef you will at some point need to master the art of cooking a live, fresh one. If you’re a little squeamish or saving the pennies then thanks to the genius creation of the freezer, you can buy lobsters at half the price with no moral dilemmas! Though you might not be able to splash out on them regularly, they can make for a nice treat. The best way to initially begin? Lobster rolls! This recipe will help stretch the meat a little further, for more people to enjoy!

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If you’re not hankering after more recipes now… WHY? That’s ok. You don’t have to like shellfish. It was just a suggestion. Maybe you’ll like some other recipes on SORTEDfood. We do loads to cater for everyone.

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