3 More Ways To Make Sweet Potato Toast!

17th August 2016


There’s a brand new trendy trend in town that we just couldn’t wait to jump on a few weeks ago. No more than 5 minutes passed from the moment ‘sweet potato toast’ was mentioned before Ben was in the kitchen popping a slice of raw sweet potato into a toaster, whipping up a concoction of mushrooms to delicately place on top and shoving the results into people’s mouths whether or not they were consenting adults.

Since then we decided that developing more sweet potato toast recipes was a great idea and so not only did I improve on Ben’s attempt but I also created 2 MORE excellent recipes. And best of all? They’re all vegan (after your feedback… who knew Nutella wasn’t vegan?) so everyone can enjoy them. Oh, and it’s vegan week or something so that helps too.


First up, Asian-inspired mushrooms packed with flavour from soy sauce and rice wine vinegar. I must say it was pretty tasty, although there was a little too much heat from the last-minute-oh-no-there’s-not-enough-colour-on-the-plate-what-am-I-going-to-do?-!-?-?-!-?-!-panic Sriracha. The pickled cucumber was particularly inspired. I think the word genius was mentioned a few times.

There was really nothing in this recipe that needed switching up to make it vegan… proving that cooking vegan should never limit your choices and can even be enjoyed by those more inclined to eating meat.

Number twooooo! This was my personal favourite. Because… Guac. After toasting the sweet potato slices (did I mention that it takes about 3 rounds in the toaster so although it’s super cool and all that, really it would be much easier just to grill that ‘toast’ because then you could do more than two at a time and you absolutely wouldn’t get frustrated and slightly upset when you have 6 slices to do and it’s taking bloody 10 minutes per two slices and you really didn’t account for this and people are waiting for a recipe lab and oh ffs).


Where was I? Oh yeah, so I piled those slices of sweet potato goodness with mounds of guacamole goodness, then topped it off with some roasted tomatoes and the kicker… delicious pesto.

Now I’ve made pesto many many times. I love pesto. And I MAY have gone into autopilot and MAY have added parmesan even though this recipe was supposed to be vegan. This has now been rectified in the recipe after you guys suggested an alternative over on Instagram. Nutritional yeast is apparently an excellent substitute for the strong flavour parmesan lends to pesto.

I’ve tried it, and actually, it’s not bad. It’s not parmesan, but it’s not bad. So if you’re not vegan feel free to use parmesan, if you are vegan then go for it with the yeast, or head over to Instagram and let us know what you use as an alternative.

Anyway, despite my slight oversight I’m pretty sure the word genius was being thrown around after people tried this. With good reason.


And finally, we have perhaps the most out-there, extreme, unique dessert ever created in the SORTED kitchen. The flavours are just so outrageous that YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED NEXT. No actually… I just used Nutella and banana and peanut butter. Then I found out that Nutella isn’t vegan so once again I failed until you guys gave us some awesome homemade Nutella recipes that are 100% vegan!

I know, it’s kind of a classic flavour combination but I seem to remember the word genius being said multiple times when people put this in their mouths.

So there are three amazing vegan recipes using the new(ish) trend of sweet potato toast, which is a total mare to make in an actual toast but caught on anyway because it’s the internet and people like cool stuff but never actually try it and find out it’s not all that.

And you got a cheeky behind the scenes of an actual recipe lab you lucky things. Laterz.

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