3 Easy Ways To Make Epic Homemade Pesto

29th June 2016

It was the pesto times, it was the worsto times…

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Once you make your own pesto at home there’s no turning back. It’s a store cupboard staple thanks to the unlimited snacking potentials it provides. Serve it up with some bread sticks or crackers to fix emergency hunger pangs…. Spread it on the bottom of your sandwich for added flavour… Or you could mix it in with some fresh pasta and delicious cheese for a quick main meal.

The possibilities are endless! But trust us when we say homemade pesto is always better than the shop bought stuff. Once you know the basic components needed for a standard pesto, you can get experimental and explore hundreds of different flavours. Take these three as a basis and have some fun. They’ll keep in the fridge for up to two weeks.

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1. Classic Basil Pesto

When you’re making a pesto always begin by blending up your herb mix. Grab a handful of basil and blend it together with a garlic clove and a handful of toasted pine nuts. (The pine nuts don’t necessarily have to be toasted but they taste way better.)

When this is all mixed up, gradually add extra virgin olive oil until you achieve the required consistency. Not too runny, not too stodgy. If you need help with the recipe. Grab this one here.

2. Roasted Red Pepper Pesto

Next step in the pioneering of pesto is to try new flavours! As a beginner, you should start small. A great first modification is adding an ingredient like roasted red pepper to the classic flavours above. You can get them pre-roasted in jars, or you can roast up some yourself. Blitz them up with the basil and pine nuts in the first stage. It’s a whole new dimension.

If you’re a fan of sundried tomatoes, give these a go too. Yummy.

Kale Pesto Seeded Crackers

3. Aromatic Asian Pesto

Once you’ve mastered the basics of flavour matching, you can move onto more crazy flavours. Last week we tried a new combination of ginger, coriander and lime in our pesto. We subbed in avocado oil instead of the extra virgin used with the previous two flavours.

It was delicious! Really fresh and unique. A few weeks ago we also tried a kale pesto because, well, why not?!

If you’ve blended up any awesome pesto flavours then give us a shout! What works? What doesn’t? Upload your recipes to SORTEDfood so we can have a peek.

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