24 Foodie Hours In…. Edinburgh!

26th April 2016

Edinburgh Thumb

I recently found myself in Edinburgh for the weekend and for one of the first times in my time, I was a lone traveller. So awkward. With 48 hours to kill, no friends and a rumbling tum, I thought there could be no better way to spend that time than putting out a #lostandhungry plea to the SORTEDfood community.The response was awesome- who knew Edinburgh was such a foodie city?

Here’s a collection of my antics to help anyone who’s heading there soon. I wish I had more time! If you have any more recommendations, let me know. It gave me some great inspiration for my own cooking. I’m fixated on recreating the Doughnut Burger now.


Oink Hog Roast Bap

Tom Egham, the SORTEDfood Camera Operator & Editor, insisted that Oink should be on my list as it was the best hog roast he’s ever tried. I can agree with him after making it my first lunch stop! I stuck to my guns and chose a traditional bap with stuffing and apple sauce. Many other varieties available- let me know if you ever get a chance to try the haggis.



Jacqualin Maria recommended I go to either Wings, Civerinos or Boozy Cow. Tough decision but on hearing that there was a place entirely dedicated to Chicken Wings, I immediately knew where to head.

One portion of the ‘Dance In The Blue Flame’ wings, some fried tortilla strips to mop it up and a beer (to kill the spice burn) were consumed. Considering the wings were only a 2 out of 5 on the spice scale, I hate to imagine what a 5 would actually be like?! Did I mention there were Pokemon characters on the wall?


Dirty Dick's

Eating is thirsty work so Ang from Acorns and Custard kindly gave me the idea to stop for a drink on the beautifully cobbled Rose Street. Packed with locals with some super cool interior decor, it was the perfect stop. I wish I could say I tried a Whisky… but I’m unfortunately not a fan.



A slightly controversial breakfast but hey! I was on a strict timetable and needed some sustenance before walking up Arthur’s Seat (which I also highly recommend.) I really wanted to try a traditional Scottish meal and this was first on James Currie’s list when recommending (he’s from Edinburgh!)

Where better to sample than on The Royal Mile at Whiski Bar? Spot on scenery and spot on whisky sauce. Hooray I managed to fit whisky in somehow! Neeps are parsnips and tatties are potatoes FYI. It’s delicious and perfect for warming your insides after being out in the cold.



I couldn’t have all the fun in Edinburgh and not bring something back for the SORTEDfood team! Natalie Thomson recommended The Fudge Kitchen for a multi coloured, delicious assortment of hearty fudge slabs.

Dark chocolate, Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter and Cranachan came back in my rucksack and I believe everyone was very appreciative on Monday morning. Team points for me.


Bread Meats Brea

If you like burgers and comfort food then goodness me, this needs to be on your Edinburgh foodie list. Thanks goodness my cousin, at this point, arrived to help me out as I wouldn’t have been able to manage so much of the menu.

From a recommendation from Beth at Recipe For Adventures I felt compelled to have a Doughnut Burger, even though my arteries were begging me no. A side of bacon fries and poutine later I was officially done. Some of the best comfort grub I’ve ever eaten! These guys also have a restaurant in Glasgow, if you’re ever up there.

A train ride home, a strong nap and long run later, I felt I really made the most of Edinburgh and I’ll definitely be back. If you want any more info- send me a tweet @hannaheneo!

If you’re heading on a trip soon, don’t forget to ask the SORTEDfood community for help. Tag #LostAndHungry and we’re certain someone will be about to help you out. Food really is the best part of travelling somewhere new- spread the word.

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