11 Classic Foodie Stereotypes You’ve Probably Encountered

9th July 2016

Can’t think of someone who fits the bill? Well, chances are it’s YOU! 


Are you a foodie? Turns out there are so many of us out there these days that SUB categories of foodies have formed. Yes really. We should form a club. So, which one are you? Got any mates that fit the bill? Have some fun….

1. The Vegan

An all too popular sight nowadays. The vegan life is becoming outrageously fashionable. You always know with this foodie that you’ll get a super healthy meal and they’re also bound to have a stunning Instagram feed.

2.  The Drinker

Eating is cheating! These people are your best friends when you have the classic conundrum of where to go for drinks. They will always know the coolest places that aren’t too cool yet, (or too over priced for that matter). P.S. Don’t even think about ordering a Pina Colada in their presence. They’ll be horrified.


3. The Raw Foodie

Not to be confused with the vegan, the raw foodie is another step down the line. This foodie will be all about eating food as nature intended. Love or hate it, there’s no doubt that you’ll get your fair share of nutrients from this super healthy lifestyle. Just hide that processed brownie that came straight from the Devil’s kitchen OK?

4. The Bruncher

This foodie will constantly be on the lookout for any opportunity for brunch. Ask them what they are doing at the weekend, they’ll be brunching. Want to hang with them at the weekend? Be prepared to brunch. Just brunch, brunch, brunch. Let’s be honest, there are worse things than being forced to eat eggs and drinks mimosas on a Sunday morning.


5. The Take-Out Foodie

There’s always one isn’t there? Borderline lazy, probably hungover and best friends with the motorbike delivery driver. This guy always has correct change ready and waiting and a ridiculous stash of ‘in-case-of-emergency’ menus of cuisine from around the world. Come Sunday night, everyone wants to get involved for some sofa-style Netflix nomming.

6. The Money Saver

Sneaky, clever little organised planners. The Money Saver knows exactly how to get away with ordering a kid’s size portion or two starters as a main course. This is the only way they’re able to afford to eat out at the end of every month. Hats off, hats off.


7. The Carnivore

Mr. Spafford, I’m looking at your here… Who knew there were so many ways to prepare a steak? This group of people will always have a terrible Dad joke up their sleeve everytime the word ‘vegetarian’ is mentioned. They will probably self-declare themselves as King of The BBQ too.

8. The Cupcake Queen

It’s a wonder these particular foodies can sleep for all the sugary buttercream they must consume. Still, you can’t deny that their frosting game is strong, and who was ever worse of for more sprinkles in their life? You can find them between the months of September and November glued to the Great British Bake Off.

Cupcake strip

9. The Over Enthusiastic Cook

“How about we all go to my place instead of eating out? I’ll cook! I want to try out this awesome new recipe…” Sound familiar? There are pros and cons to every crazy cooking mate. Pros? Free food! Cons? Having to pretend to look interested as they sit there listing all the ‘fascinating’ sciencey facts of a slow cooker. YAWN.

10. The Street Food Sniffer

You WILL be going along to the new pop up market that just opened down the road. You WILL agree to share an item of food from every food truck. Your foodie mate is sure great for opening your eyes to new experiences but COME ON… surely a Bahn Mi is a Bahn Mi wherever you get it. Right?

11. The ‘I Don’t Care I’ll Eat Anything’

Like Marmite, you’ll either love or hate someone who falls into this final category. Their fuss-free attitude to food is an example to all but HOW could you not care so much about food? We’ll never understand. Chances are, these guys are the type to kick up the most fuss when you start Instagramming food. Where’s the fun in that?

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