10 Things You Should Always Have In Your Fridge

28th June 2016

The fridge essentials you can’t live without…


Have you ever been so hungry that you’ve opened the fridge door to imagine ingredients magically appearing before your eyes? For your information, it doesn’t work. You do, unfortunately, need to head to the shops at some point or another unless you have the following in stock. These handy ingredients will help you cook many a meal, fuss free…

1. Milk

This isn’t just on the list to avoid the early morning tea disaster. Milk is also a great ingredient for loads of sauces, obviously for your cereal, porridge and even in baking. Believe me, you don’t want to find yourself without. If you’re not a fan of the lactose, get involved in the soya or almond varieties. Added bonus: these also last way longer the regular milk.

2. Butter

Butter makes any recipe taste better. Stir it into risottos or just spread on a thick slice of toast- delicious! Next time you’re sweating down your onions, try using 50/50 butter and oil. You’ll have the great taste of the butter with the higher smoking point of the oil, double win. 


3. Tomatoes

Salsa, salad or sauces – tomatoes are always useful. You can slice, dice or blend ‘em up, they are the ingredient that keeps on giving.

4. Cheese

If you’re only going to have one type of cheese in your fridge, I would recommend a nice block of mature cheddar. If you’re looking to go a bit beyond the wall you might want to go for some parmesan or cream cheese too. That way you can incorporate cheese into loads more recipes. And we all know, the more cheese the better.  

5. Mayonnaise & Other Condiments

I made the most amazing sweet potato fries once with smoked paprika. I’m not just saying that, they genuinely were incredible. Went to the fridge and realised I didn’t have any mayo. I never want anyone to have to go through what I went through that night.


6. Leaves

A handful of leaves can be the base of a great salad or add a healthy kick to sandwiches, pizzas, omelette or actually, pretty much anything! If you have guests round and the catch a glimpse you also look really healthy. Win, win.

7. Basic Veg

Whether this is carrots, broccoli or courgettes it’s always useful to have some veg in the fridge. Add it to a sauce, roast it or just dip it in some hummus. You’re never going to regret having veg in.

8. Eggs

Now this all depends whether you actually keep your eggs in the fridge or not. We were split 50/50 in the studio so… each to their own. 


9. Yogurt

Yogurt comes in handy as a breakfast item, all round friendly snack or as a little something to satisfy your sweet tooth after a meal. You can even use it to add a little extra to spicy dishes such as curries or tagines. Keep small pots so it lasts longer.

10. Ginger

Bit of a curve ball at the end but James insisted it was essential and apparently he’s a chef sooo…

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