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Perfect Roast Potatoes

It's the one thing you rely on at a family roast dinner - the perfect roast potatoes. Well now, with this method, you can make them whenever to accompany any meal.

How to make...

How to make...

1) You want an older potato for this... one that can be peeled and then end up with a crisp golden skin and fluffy middle. Types like Desirée, Maris Piper or King Edward.
2) Bigger the better to save time on peeling.
3) You need at least one big potato per person - but everybody loves them, so a couple of extras won't harm!

1) Peel the spuds and cut into big, but roughly even chunks, about the size of golfballs.

1) Submerge in a pan of cold, salted water and bring to the boil.
2) Simmer for 5-6 minutes, then drain and leave in the colander for a minute or so. Note:- they will not be cooked right through yet.

1) Shake the colander to fluff up some of the edges, then transfer to a non-stick roasting tray.
2) drizzle generously with olive oil, salt, pepper, a few crushed cloves of garlic and a couple of sprigs of thyme and rosemary.
3) Toss all the spuds together to share the seasoning.
4) Roast in a preheated oven at 200°C for 40 minutes, turning the potatoes and shaking the pan every so often.

1) Immediately with your roast dinner or just about any meal you like!

Perfect Roast Potatoes

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