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Perfect Mashed Potato

Whether you're using mashed potato as a side dish, as a topping to a pie or to bulk our fishcakes there is no denying that if you get it right... it's incredibly satisfying. This post will share with you hot to get it spot on.

How to make...

How to make...


1) You want old potatoes for mash, often referred to as 'mealy'. Examples include Russets or Desirée. This type break down easily when cooked and give you a really creamy, fluffy, lump-free mash.
2) Fairly large ones saves on an excessive amount of peeling.
3) You want about 250g of raw potato per person.

1) Peel the spuds and cut into chunky pieces - at least the size of golfballs. Any smaller and they will absorb too much water as they cook and you'll end up with a watery thin mash.
2) Submerge in a large pan of cold, salted water and place onto the stove.

1) Bring the pan of water to a boil and then simmer for 12-15 minutes until you can poke the largest potato with a knife without any resistance.
2) Drain the potatoes into a colander, then return to the empty, dry, hot pan for a minute or so to steam and dry out a little more.

1) Splash in a double shot of milk and generous knob of butter, then season well with salt and pepper.
2) Mash the potatoes by hand with a masher until smooth.
3) Avoid using a food processor as over working the potatoes will turn them to a gloopey and sticky consistency rather than fluffy.

1) Serve with an additional knob of butter and garnish with a sprig of parsley.
* Mashed potato can be flavoured in numerous ways... wholegrain mustard, cheese, herbs or spices are just some options.

Perfect Mashed Potato

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